Monday, June 14, 2010

Lazy days...

We had a rainy, quiet, lazy weekend. Friday night, Curtis (my little bro) came to visit- we stayed up until way past our bedtime just chatting. I love his visits :) I love how much he adores Jett, & thinks that Jett looks EXACTLY like him! It makes me giggle.

Saturday Jared left before the crack of dawn to meet Dad down at the lake. They spent the entire day working on the cabin & got some lighting put in (which looks fantastic, I might add). I opted to stay home, considering I am not much help with electrical work, & it would mean 6 hours in the car- that's a little much for Jett. It monsooned the ENTIRE day here, so Jett, Curtis, & I stayed in & lounged. It was good to spend some time with my brother- just me & him. That never happens.

Sunday- more rain & more lounging! Jared was BEAT after spending all day Saturday working & driving, so we missed church & rested. Even Jett took a big nap (in between us in our bed, which we hardly ever do, but LOVE those moments when they happen)!

It was a relaxing weekend, but I sure was happy to see that sun pop out today!!

And just for fun...this is what Jett has been up to...sticking out his tongue! He has recently discovered it, & this is what he looks like most of the time! What a little meatball!!!

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  1. LOVE the blog!!!! Such a neat way to share life! Jett is adorable!!!!