Wednesday, August 18, 2010

6 month appointment

We are home from our 6 month appointment & we (all 3 of us) survived the dreaded shots that go along with it- did I mention I HATE it when he has to get shots?! Our little Jett man is such a trooper, though- he barely cries at all! The appointment went great-

weight- 17.4 lbs.- 50th %
height- 27 1/2 in.-75th %

I was happy to see that he had gained so well- the pumping is paying off!

Dr. Moylan also informed us that Jett's motor skills are very developed, & it will be a very short time before he is crawling- WHAT?!?! But, I'm not ready for him to be all grown up & mobile!!! He said to go ahead & start "baby proofing" the a trip to Babies R Us for gates, outlet covers, cabinet locks, & whatever else we can find is in our near future. We will lower the crib tonight & I will probably cry. Can you imagine what I'll be like on the first day of Kindergarten? Yikes.

Oh, & as if the little stinker didn't melt my heart enough already- as of yesterday he started saying "mamamamama" ALLLLL day long! I am not sure that he knows what he is saying just yet, but I sure know what he is saying !! :)

Gosh, I love that little boy so much, & thank the Lord that he has given us such a happy, healthy baby!

And because it is too funny not to post- here is a picture of Jett playing outside yesterday evening. We have found that when he touches something with an unfamiliar texture, he gets the funniest look on his face. He was grabbing at one of the bushes, & this is what he thought of it-

He cracks us up!

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