Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back in action!!

I know it's been a little while, & I have an excuse- September has not been our month! We have been sick sick & more sick. Jett & I were sharing the same nasty virus for awhile, & then that nasty little virus turned into a nasty big ear infection for the little Jett man. I was so sad when I found out he had an ear infection at the age of 7 months. In a way, I felt like a bit of a failure as a mom. I mean, here I am doing everything in my power to make sure he is the healthiest baby that ever lived- I stay home with him, I pump every 3 hours so that he gets all of those amazing antibodies from breast milk, & where does it get me??? An ear infection?! Ugh! But MY baby was the baby that was NEVER going to get an ear infection!! It was really disheartening news, to say the least. But after a little wallowing, I have come to the realization that I am a mom- perfectly imperfect- & my child is going to get sick every once in awhile. It's okay. Breathe. Welcome to a day in the life of a perfectionist & control freak!

The good news is that we are all feeling MUCH better & life is going on!

BIG BIG news- our little Jett Jett has 2 little bottom teeth!! They happen to be the cutest teeth that I have ever seen in my life! And you won't believe it, but I never even knew he was teething. He never fussed, screamed, or missed a wink of sleep. One day, he pulled my finger up to his mouth, & I shrieked because suddenly there was something sharp in there! That was a Friday (Aug 27th) & by Sunday there were 2 teeth poking through! What a little trooper!

It is so crazy to me how these little milestones happen over night, literally. One day, no teeth; 2 days later, 2 teeth. Crazy. And speaking of milestones, I believe he is just days away from crawling. He goes round & round in circles, rolls himself to the things he wants to grab, & has just recently found that he can get up on his knees & rock & sort of "catapult" himself forward. I love seeing those little wheels turning in his head as he figures out this world & how to move about in it! It makes my heart smile :)

Lately, he has also learned to shake his head "no". At first, I thought he had just realized he could shake his head from side to side, that he really didn't know that he was saying "no". But one day while feeding him, he pursed his lips together , & shook his head "no" as I put the spoon up to his mouth. Hmmmm....I think he knows more than I think he does!!

We are enjoying our Kindermusik class so very much! The first 2 times, I wasn't so sure about it...Jett would watch everything going on around him, but would never crack a smile, giggle, laugh, nothing. I would dance, sing, act a fool, & nada....he would look at me like I (& the teacher, the other moms, & all of the children) were crazy. I would come home & do the same things we had done in class, & he would throw his head back with laughter. Huh??? I had come to the conclusion that he hated Kindermusik. But then, last Thursday happened!!! Class started & not too far into it, he smiled...then he squealed & talked...then he showed interest in the other babies...then, he rode in a buggy (aka laundry basket) with another little baby boy his age! They held hands, & touched eachothers faces, & had so much fun together, & I melted. Kindermusik is good. Scratch that. Kindermusik is great! We can't wait until next Thursday!!!

Welp, it's late, & though I really want to share our weekend, it will have to wait until tomorrow. It was a great weekend, & it has left me (& Jared, who is passed out in the chair as I type) tuckered out! So Goodnight! Be back tomorrow!
Here is a pic DaddyBoy snuck of us while we were sick.

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