Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekend Flashback!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Before it escapes me (& while the little Jett man takes his afternoon nap), I want to share what we did last weekend!

Our church soccer league started up again this past Saturday, & like every other year since the league began, Jared is coaching a team! (I even coached a 5 yr old all girls team one year if you can believe that!! ) It is such an awesome image to drive over that hill on Adams Dairy Parkway, & see those fields just bursting with energy! Kids galore- families galore- friends galore!!! It is an amazing ministry, & so much fun to be a part of! Jared leaves super duper early on Saturdays to go up & line the fields, get the equipment out, & prepare for the day. He has mentioned over & over (even before Jett was born) how he cannot wait until he can have our son up at those fields on Saturday mornings! So....Jett & I thought we'd pay Daddyboy a little visit & surprise him! When we walked up to Jared's field, you would have thought that Jett & I were celebrities! We were greeted by 12 girls & boys running up to us yelling, "Is this Jett?!?!" I found it to be pretty sweet that Jared had already talked about Jett to his team. Jared was absolutely ELATED that we were there!! He was just beaming to have his son there with him! He even took Jett out on the sidelines to "help" him coach! Even though Jett melted down pretty soon after showing up, & was in desperate need of a nap, it was a very precious moment (& worth every bit of sweat trucking that stroller, baby, & bag). I am so glad we took the time to make that memory! We will be visiting Daddyboy lots more up at the fields on Saturday mornings...I mean, we've gotta start early if we are going to make a pro soccer player out of our son! ;)

On Sunday afternoon, we decided to head up to the Blue Springs Fall Fun Festival. To be honest, it was pretty lame. I am used to my annual small town celebration in Fort Scott called Good Ol' Days, & was expecting this Fall Fun Fest to be fairly similar. Let's just say, I have a whole new respect for Good Ol' Days. Anyways...we did decide to go ahead & make the most of it. We started out by checking out the "Dog Docks" area (which was the only cool thing about this festival). This was a competition that consisted of dogs running, jumping, & splashing into a really long pool- I think there were different categories, like distance, retrieving, etc. It was pretty neat! There were dogs everywhere- big dogs, medium dogs, little tiny dogs- but there was one dog in particular that caught Jett's attention- a sweet, adorable yellow lab standing nearby. Over all the barking that was going on, I heard a little giggle. I looked down to see Jett & this dog staring at eachother, & Jett giggling & smiling up a storm at this sweet dog! It was soooo adorable, & of course at that point, I got camera crazy!! The owners of the dog were sweet enough to let their "baby" get close to our baby & have a moment. It made my heart smile, & I wondered to myself as we walked away, if perhaps maybe someday a yellow lab may be in our future...

We took a stroll down the main strip to check out the rest of the Festival, grabbed a couple famous "Timothy Lutheran" burgers that we had heard were nothing short of amazing, & headed home. We enjoyed our burgers at home (which I must say, were AMAZING!), & we decided that even though the Fall Fun Fest wasn't ALL that we had imagined, it was still worth it!

It was such a fun weekend! Jett is at the age where it is easier to get out of the house & do things! He loves looking at everything & taking this big ol' world in, & we enjoy seeing him soak it all up! Our October is chocked full of so many fun things, & we can't wait to see them from our little Jett Jett's perspective! I never dreamed having a family of my own would be this much fun!

Well, little Meatball is up & ready to play now, so I gotta run! :)

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