Saturday, October 9, 2010

Facelift & a Photo Shoot!

Nooooo, I did not get a facelift! I'm not even 30, people!

If you haven't noticed yet...let me just point it out to you- my blog looks AWESOME!!! IT got a little facelift, & I think it turned out a-dor-a-ble! Special thanks to Masto Mama Designs for working with me & designing it! I sure love it, & hopefully all 6 of my followers will enjoy the new look too! :)

Now onto the photoshoot (great transition, huh?)!

The other evening, Jett & I were anxiously awaiting DaddyBoy to get home from a business trip, so to make the time go by faster, we (I) decided to do a little Halloween photo shoot! I decked Jett man out in all of the festive Halloween things I had ordered for him, propped him up next to our outdoor Fall decorations, & started snapping away! What do you know, some of them turned out kinda professional looking! I can't take credit, as I have NO idea what I am doing- I just have an awesome camera, that does the work for me! I even had a friend call me after seeing the photos I posted on facebook, & ask if I would take pictures of her little girl sometime! I am FAR from a professional, & I can't guarantee that the photos will turn out great, but hey, it is still pretty flattering!

Here are a couple pics from our little photo shoot! You know, every year I spend time looking for perfect seasonal decorations- I am pretty sure I have found my favorite Fall decoration of all!!!

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