Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finger Foods!

Recently, Jared & I tried giving Jett those Gerber Graduates fruit puffs, thinking it would get him interested in finger foods- ha! It did not go over well. He HATED them! He would wrinkle his nose, gag, & barely choke them down. I would try to re-introduce them every few days, & would get the same reaction. I was bummed, because they really are a perfect little snack- they are convenient to take along in the diaper bag {except for the time the lid popped off & they all dumped out into the diaper bag}, they are great for distracting when a meltdown is festering, & they are an excellent tool in building fine motor skills {that tricky little pincher grasp}. But as far as I could tell, our little Jett man had made up his mind!

Well, while I was out on my "Girls Day" on Saturday, Jared called to inform me that Jett now LOVES those puffs! Sure enough, I came home to find him gobbling them right up! And he has been gobbling them up ever since!

It is so cute to watch him figure out how to get them from his tray- to his hand- to his mouth. It is such a process, & he works so hard for that one little puff. Sometimes {a lot of times} we just cheat & Mommy puts them in his mouth for him!

Today, I just dumped a bunch onto a blanket & let him go to town! Here are a few pics:
Oh, one little sidenote about these little puffs: once they get wet, they stick to EVERYTHING! I keep finding puffs randomly stuck to things all over the house. So...if you ever happen to see me sporting a puff on my backside; would you be so kind to bring it to my attention?! Thanks!

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