Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello October!!

It's October! And I'm excited! I absolutely LOVE Fall- the colors, pumpkins, pumpkin patches, mums, leaves, cool crisp air, soups, apple cider, my Aunt Elaine's annual Halloween hayride, cozying up on the couch on Sundays, football, sweatshirts- ahhhhh...the list goes on & on & I love love love it!

October is a big month for us! We have loaded every weekend with fun stuff to do, & are looking forward to making lots & lots of new memories with Jett! There is so much we want to do- I am hoping we can squeeze it all in!

Little Meatball turned 8 months old today (Happy 8 month birthday cutie)! Along with turning 8 months old, he has also discovered his (strong) will. Boy oh boy, we are in for it. It's like it happened over night- my sweet little baby now knows that he can choose if he wants to be sweet or not. He has cried so much the past few days, that I have come close to ripping my hair out...uggghhh. I am not allowed to be more than a foot away from him, not allowed to put him in his carseat, not allowed to stroll him in his stroller. If any of the above takes place- he screams like he is in excruciating pain. And if I let him cry it out for a little bit, it goes from bad to youcan'timagine bad. It all ends in tears (his & mine), snot, hives, & me feeling at a loss as to what I should do. I am trying to stay positive. I am trying to remember that this is all just a season, & that in a blink of an eye it will all be over & my little Jett Jett won't be little anymore. That one of these days, when he is a teenager rushing out the door,keys in hand, barely taking the time to say good-bye; I will long, I will yearn, I will wish desperately for the days when he cried because he simply wanted me near. Even though being a mommy is the hardest job I have ever had, & even harder than I ever imagined it would be- it is still the most rewarding & fulfilling job I have ever had. Being Jett's mommy is a blessing, an honor, and something I am thankful for every day of my life- even on the days he "chooses" to be not-so-sweet ;)

Well, that's all I've got for now! Happy October & Happy Weekending!

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