Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I love my Jolles boys, er, girls...

So... my stomach is still sore from laughing as hard as I did last night! In fact, everytime I even begin to think about our evening, I can't help but crack up with laughter!

We went to visit & have dinner with my Jolles boys yesterday evening. My Jolles boys are the 4 little boys that I was a nanny for, for nearly 8 years. To make a long story short, I only planned on being their nanny for a year {there were only 2 of them back then}, but before I knew it, I had fallen in love with these boys & their family, & there was no way I was going anywhere {at least not without ripping my heart right out of my chest first}. They had me at "hello". With 4 boys to tend to, our days were rambunctious, rowdy, exuberant, lively, sometimes a little stir crazy- but mostly just filled with lots & lots of life! These 4 little boys, their parents, both sets of their grandparents, & some of their aunts & uncles became like my very own family! My job was the best in the world, & it meant so much more to me than just a job. Before ever becoming a mother, I was able to "mother" these 4 gorgeous boys & practice practice practice what it takes to tend to little boys {I never knew back then how those 8 years of practice would come in so handy}!

So yesterday evening, my little family went over to have dinner & hang out with my Jolles boys! We try to get together every once in awhile, & I love the times that I can see those 4 curly headed boys & my little bald headed boy together! The boys are so sweet with Jett, & I am just beside myself thrilled that my little guy will get to grow up with the little guys that I helped to grow up! We played outside, ate pizza, visited about school, potty training, soccer & football, & all the stuff that I used to be so in the loop on. It was a relaxing evening, & I enjoyed every bit of catching up & loving on my boys!

As we were about to pack up our things & head out, Michelle {the boys' mom} suggested that before we leave, that the boys model their Halloween costumes for us! Boy oh boy, was I about to be in for it! You can imagine my surprise when the Jolles BOYS came walking out as Jolles GIRLS!!!! It was hysterical, & what made it even more hilarious is that Ben {the first born in the brown sweater dress & tights} came out as the conservative little school girl, while Adam {the second born in the pink dress} came out as, well- to put it as nicely as I can- the girl you would lock up during her teenage years. We were all dying laughing at the things Adam was coming up with- I swear his wit is quicker than most adults I know! He had some moves like you've never seen before, & at one point grabbed Ben's hand & yelled "BFF'S"!!!!!!!! We were all hyperventilating; we were laughing so hard! The boys were really "working it" as little girls, & I have the pictures to prove it {& blackmail them with one day}! The costume idea was Michelle's & is brilliant, if you ask me! The only problem I can foresee is that they make such cute little girls, that everyone will wonder why in the world those little girls didn't dress up for Halloween!

What a fun filled night, & boy did it ever end with a bang! I love laughing that hard- til' my stomach hurts & tears are running from my eyes! I love being surrounded by the rowdiness, silliness, goofiness, & craziness that used to be my everyday! I love spending time with people that hold such a very special place in my heart! I love that just because I don't go there for my work anymore, that I can go there anytime & it still feels like "home". I love that family, & count it an honor to be able to call those boys "MY" Jolles boys :)

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