Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jett Jett "happenings"

Meatball is taking a nap, so I thought I'd fill you in on what's been going on in his little world lately {even though I should be seizing this opportunity to take a shower}

1) Houston, he is on the move! He is crawling everywhere {which means I am sweeping & vacuuming more than ever}! He is still doing sort of an army crawl at this point- he hoists himself up on his elbows, uses one leg to push himself off, & drags the other leg behind him. It makes us laugh- especially when gets going fast! Once in awhile, he will get up on his hands & knees & flirt with the idea of "real" crawling- but then he quickly decides to do it his own way!

2) He's a griper. He lets us have it when we are: changing his diaper, when we aren't getting his food to him quick enough, when we are drying & lotioning him up after his bath, when he is in his carseat & the car isn't moving {i.e. stop light}. He has no quams about letting us know when he isn't happy about something. What's funny, is that it actually sounds like a gripe- not a cry, not fussing, but like he is really telling us off! It probably won't be so cute when he actually has the words to tell us off with, but for now, it's pretty adorable.

3) In the mornings when he is just waking, he likes to lay there for a bit & chat, play, roll, sing, & squeal. When he is all done having his "waking up time" & is ready for me to come & get him out of bed, I hear a little voice say, "Mama. Maaama. Mamamamamama". It gets louder & louder, & that's my cue to run in & scoop my little sunshine up! He does this every single morning, & every single morning I lay in my bed, listening, waiting, anticipating that magic word! Once I hear it- I hit the ground running! He is so much like me when it comes to his sleeping patterns- the boy loves his sleep {sleep is my favorite}, it takes him a few minutes to wake up before getting up for the day {I've never been one for jumping up out of bed- I prefer to ease into the day}. On mornings when we have to get him up before he is ready, & he hasn't had sufficient "waking up time"- he is a total bear{yep, that'd be me}! It is amazing to me that so much of his little personality & who he is going to be is already developing! It is so fun to watch it all unfold!

4) He still pretty much hates the carseat. He loves to go places, but the ride there- not his cup of tea. He gets a little cranky when we put him in the carseat, does okay when we're moving, tells us off when the car is at a stop, & FREAKS out when he hears the ding of the bell which is my seatbelt unlatching. He knows when he hears that "ding", that I'm getting out,which means he wants out, too! I supppose if I were facing the back of the car with absolutely no way to see what is going on around me, that I would be pretty good at taking in all of the different sounds that are going on around me too-seatbelt "dings" & all!

5) We are on a pretty good schedule right now- I say right now, because we all know that with a baby, it is likely to change as soon as I think our schedule is set. Our day starts between 7 & 8. We have 4 bottles a day. We have 3 solid meals a day. We have 2 naps a day- one in the 10 o'clock hour & one in the 2 o'clock hour {these can range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour & a half}. We play. We laugh. We hug & kiss. We have a bath at 7:30. We go to bed at 8. Then we do it all again the next day! Schedules are great- & both Jett & I thrive on a good schedule! :)

6) He has really discovered his voice lately, & when he gets excited he yells as loud as he can! He will double those little fists, tighten up, & let out the biggest noise he can! And then, he'll look at us & burst into laughter! He is such a little ham, & he knows we just eat it up!!

7) He is terrified of the vacuum. He screams at the mere sight of it. Yesterday, it was sitting out & he couldn't even play with his toys without checking over his shoulder a hundred times, making sure it wasn't coming after him. I even let him touch it, held him while I vacuumed the floors, showed him it was harmless, but nope. He is not making friends with that vacuum anytime soon.

8) He LOVES being outside! He doesn't care if he's swinging, helping DaddyBoy with the lawn, taking a stroll with Papa to see his fishing pond, or just sitting out on the back deck- if he's outside, he's a happy boy!

9) He gets so excited when Jared gets home from work. When he hears that garage door open, he stops whatever he is doing, sits very still, & waits to listen for the door to the house open. Once he hears that, he starts shaking & crying until he is in his DaddyBoy's arms! It is precious how crazy Jett is over his DaddyBoy! DaddyBoy is pretty crazy over his Jett man as well!

10) He loves bath time! Still hates the water on his face. We moved his baby bath into the guest bathroom tub (it used to sit on our counter in the master bath). Now he can splash to his heart's delight! I have a feeling he will be done with the baby tub really soon- he is getting all squirmy wormy on us & trying to crawl out. I just can't imagine my little baby sitting in that big ol' tub! I'd rather see my big ol' baby in his tiny baby tub! That way he doesn't seem so grown up :(

11) And last, but not least- one of my new favorite things he does is give kisses. You know the ones. Mouth wide open, slobber dripping, have to wipe your whole face when they are done, best kisses you ever had kisses! Yeah, you know the ones I'm talking about. I didn't know such a slobbery mess could melt my heart the way it does, but when he's all done handing out those precious baby kisses- there are two puddles on the floor- one is his slobber, & one is me.

Well, those are just a few of Jett's latest "happenings"! Being able to share in his little "happenings" sure makes our "happenings" mean so much more!

And because blog posts are way more fun with pics- here are a few from this evening- just soakin' up this beautiful Fall weather!

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