Friday, October 15, 2010

Queen Bee travels

Jared hates my suitcase. When we travel, & he asks which bag I plan to bring, & I say my suitcase- he deflates like a little bit of life is being sucked out of him.

The problem is, I LLLLOOOOOOVVVEEEEEEE my suitcase! I will find any excuse I can to pack it & carry it along on my travels. It absolutely screams "me"- it's pink & polka dotted- doesn't get more me than that!

Turns out, Jett isn't such a fan either. Boo for being outnumbered.

Sorry boys. Last time I checked, I was still "Queen Bee" of this house! And when "Queen Bee" travels, she totes along her pink polka dot luggage!

Happy weekend!! If you're traveling, travel any ol' way your heart desires!!!

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