Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome to the JUNGLE!!

It as an absolutely gorgeous October weekend, & we breathed in every bit of it that we possibly could! I am officially pooped, but it was totallly worth it!

It was Homecoming at Pittsburg State (Jared & I's alma mater) this weekend, so we decided to join in on the festivities (& attempt to make a gorilla out of our son- start em' young)! Once J got home from work on Friday, we loaded up the car, & headed south! We booked a room & stayed in Pittsburg so that we could be there bright & early for the Homecoming parade come Saturday morning! Jett loved being at the hotel, & though I was a nervous wreck about him sleeping in the pack & play by our bed (I was terrified he was going to be up all night like our last overnight trip), he surprisingly slept snug as a bug, & we had to wake his little booty up at 8 a.m.!

Saturday morning came & the 3 of us got all decked out in our Pitt State gear & headed off to 5th & Broadway! We set up shop (aka the stroller) across from 505 (ah, memories), & got ready for the big parade! Big doesn't even begin to describe the parade- this thing lasted every bit of an hour & a half & had more marching bands than I even knew existed! I couldn't believe it but, Jett watched every bit of it! Anything that can hold an 8 month old's attention for an entire hour & a half is pretty impressive to me! Needless to say, it was a great first parade for the Jett man, & I'm pretty sure we will be making a tradition out of it!

Next on the list- the Homecoming football game! 2 o' clock marked game time, & after the cannon boomed it's thunderous "BOOM"- the Gorillas were playin' some football! It was fun to see the sea of red & gold, see Gus the Gorilla bustin' a move, & be a part of something that is such a part of us! Pitt State holds so many wonderful memories for Jared & me- I can't help but get a little nostalgic every time we visit Pitt. Now we get to experience PSU in whole new way- with our son! We get to make new, fresh memories that are just as wonderful & meaningful! While we're making all of these new memories, we can't help but wonder what the future holds- will we be making trips to Pittsburg to visit Jett one of these days? Will Pitt State even be his school of choice? Will we move him into the dorms, or maybe the fraternity house someday? Will Pittsburg State University be a place he feels at home when he visits, where a surge of great memories come rushing back, & a place that holds some of his fondest memories? Only time will tell. (And a momma can secretly hope ;)) It is so fun to think about!
It was a blast of a weekend- full of old memories, & new! We are already looking forward to our trip to the JUNGLE next year!!

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