Thursday, October 21, 2010

simple moments.

Wowza! Have you been outside today?! I sure hope so, because it was the PERFECT day! Blue skies as far as the eye could see, bright sun-shiney-ness (pretty sure I just made that word up) everywhere, & just the slightest cool breeze wisping through every once in awhile- yep- perfect day! With it being the perfect day & all, there was no way Jett & I were just going to let it pass us by!

You see, here lately, I am all about making every moment count. I'm not sure if this new mindset is Jett inspired or God inspired {most likely a little of both}, but I just feel like I want to make the most of out of this life I've been given. Afterall, this is no dress rehearsal- we've got one shot at it. I want to pack it full of fun, of happiness, of laughter, of really really great memories! One of my favorite things about being a stay at home mom is that we can pack up & go make memories anytime we please! And for me, it doesn't mean spending lots of money or going & doing extravagant things {though that can be lots of fun too ;)}; it simply means making the most of our small moments- like the sun-shiney day that was laid before us! And today, that is precisely what we did!

We started off the day with our weekly Kindermusik class! We sang songs, banged on drums, danced around like fools (you wouldn't believe how quickly us mommies break a sweat)! But even more importantly, we spent time with the new friends we have made! Jett & I both have made some very sweet friends in Kindermusik class, & Thursdays have become such a highlight in our week! It has been exciting getting to know a new group of friends, & my hope is that we can make lasting friendships that go far beyond our little Kindermusik class!

After class, we headed down to Crown Center to meet up with DaddyBoy! Jared has a lot of flexibility in his job, & the fact that he can take some time out of his day to just hang & have lunch with me & little Jett man means the world to me! We ate our lunch outside by the fountains, & literally just basked in the sunlight! Jett couldn't wipe the smile off his face- he was lovin' every minute of it! As I soaked up a little sun, I also sat soaking up this moment together as a family. At one point, I looked at Jared & said, "Isn't having a family so much fun?" And I mean it with every ounce of my being. Having a family, & making memories together is the most fun I have ever had in my life. I mean, I've sat next to those fountains at Crown Center many a times, & sure- they're nice. But sitting there with my family- that's different- that's what turns these simple little moments into very treasured memories! I love our simple moments. I cherish them. So, bring on the next sun-shiney day!!!

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