Thursday, November 4, 2010

9 month checkup- check!

Meatball had his 9 month check up yesterday, & checked out just perfect! Here's how he weighed in!

Weight- 19.15 (5oth %)
Height- 28.5 (75th%)

We're excited that he didn't quite make it to 30 inches just yet- that means we get another inch & a half out of the carseat we have before we have to go & drop a pretty penny on a bigger one!

Dr. Moylan said that with how well Jett is taking to solid foods, that we can start him on cow's milk now if we want! I wasn't expecting that, but we are going to slowly introduce it until we are all switched over!
It was a quick & easy check up, but of course ended in tears because of that darn flu shot!

Jett is continuing to pull himself up on things, & today he even let go for just a second & stood on his own! He quickly plopped to his bottom, but it was enough to surprise both him & me! He gets the cutest little proud look on his face when he pulls himself up on his own! He knows he is doing something big!

He is into absolutely everything which makes this busy momma an even busier momma! But as busy as it is, I wouldn't trade seeing these little milestones first hand for ANYTHING! It's like he develops over night, & I am so very thankful that I get to see every single "first" right before my own eyes! It is a blessing I surely do not take for granted!

Here are some pics of my busy little guy! Happy Thursday!

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