Friday, November 19, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Ear tubes.

Just three days after Jett's 9 month check-up, he came down with a bad cough, runny nose, & was tugging at his ears. So we trucked back into the doctor's office {thank goodness our pediatrician's office is open on Saturdays}, only to find out that not only did Jett have an another ear infection, but he had a double ear infection. DARN IT!!! {This is his second ear infection in 2 months} We filled the prescription for that infamous pink amoxicillin & Jett took it like a champ for 10 days. That ought to have done the trick, right? WRONG! Ten days later, we finished up the last of the antibiotic, but I was still feeling like Jett wasn't 100%. I called the nurse & she said to keep an eye on him, & bring him in if he didn't seem better in a day or so. So Wednesday night, while giving Jett a bath, he looked at me, pulled his left ear & let out a little squeal {not a cry} as if he was telling me, "Momma...something is wrong." That was it. I knew first thing in the morning I would make an appointment.

So yesterday we trucked back to the doctor's office, & surprise surprise- his ears are infected. As I sat there in the chair, I felt like someone had kicked the wind out of me. I felt like a failure as a mom, I felt like I should have prevented this, that somehow I could have done something to keep him healthier, & I couldn't help but ask if all of these ear infections are the cause of something I am doing wrong. The doctor reassured me that it has nothing to do with me or anything I am doing or not doing, but rather it is the anatomy of Jett's ears, & that some children simply have smaller sinuses & all of that "junk" just settles in there & creates infection. Our pediatrician isn't quite sure at this point if Jett aquired a new ear infection in two days, or if the amoxicillin just didn't clear up the existing one, so we are starting a new {stronger} antibiotic to see if that will do the job. We will be making many more visits to the pediatrician's office so that Dr. Moylan can monitor Jett's ears & find out what exactly is going on in there & if the prescribed antibiotics are getting to the infected areas. After some close monitoring, we will then find out if a trip to the ENT specialist is going to be necessary. Frustrating? Very much so. I have found that there is nothing more painful than watching my own child suffer & there is nothing as a mom I wouldn't do to make him feel all better. So, that's what I'll do. I'll make a hundred trips the pediatricians office if need be, I'll go to whatever specialist I need to go to, I'll make sure his environments are clean & clear so that his sinuses are not irritated, & hopefully, my little guy can finally get some relief.

Who knew that such tiny little {cute} baby ears could drum up so much trouble?
Oh, & one more thing...just for the record. Jett has his Daddyboy's ears.

I'm not kidding...Jared's mom told me that Jared had tons of ear infections as a child & when I mentioned this to Dr. Moylan, he reassured me that I have every right to blame all of this on Jared! Haha.

Well, that's our latest.

Happy Weekending!

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