Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baking with my "Bestie"

Mondays are my cleaning days- I dust, change sheets, sweep floors, clean the kitchen, bathrooms, & bedrooms- everything in sight gets a good cleanin'! There isn't anyone who loves a clean house more than I do, & call me crazy, but I get quite a thrill out of vacuum marks on the carpet, the smell of Lysol in the air, & shiny silver faucets with no water spots on them! I like starting the week off with a nice clean house, & I have found that making Monday my official "cleaning day" helps me to get up & running for the week! It's a schedule that works for me.

But yesterday when my best friend Stacy invited Jett & I over to spend the day making Christmas cookies, I happily left the dishes piled in the sink & the dust bunnies nestled in their corners. I grabbed my baby, & flew out the door with my tub of cookie cutters & sprinkles!

We spent the day rolling dough, cutting out shapes of Christmas trees, snowmen, & candy canes, & rotating cookie pans in & out of the oven. Our little ones zoomed cars across the kitchen floor, & threw fits when it came time for a nap. We caught up on each other's day to day lives, laughed a whole bunch, & only cried just a little {we are best friends- we leave no stone unturned}. We baked & baked & baked, & at the end of the day I took home with me a bunch of Christmas cookies & a great big merry heart!

These are the kinds of days Stacy & I used to talk, imagine, & dream about before we ever became mommies. We could hardly wait for the day that our kids would play together, while we spent our days cooking, baking, & having coffee together! We had it all planned out & we imagined how it would be- but you know what? Turns out, these days together with our little ones are way better than we could have even imagined!

I count it such a blessing to be able to throw my responsibilities out the window for the day to go make fun memories with my best friend! I need to do it more often. Because at the end of the day, a clean house is nice; but it just can't warm your heart like baking Christmas cookies with your "bestie" can!

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