Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Move over, Martha!

Happy Wednesday!!

Jett & I are both still on the mend, so we decided to declare a "jammie day" for ourselves & just lounge & have an all play-no work kind of day! We both enjoyed the relaxed schedule & agree that we need more of these kinds of days! When Jett took his afternoon nap, I got a crazy wild hair to do something crafty {I tend to do that on occasion}!

Jett sleeps with a little soft blankie-he is pretty attached to it, actually. If he's cranky or tired & we give him his blankie, he nestles it right in between his thumbs {that he sucks at the same time} & that always does the trick! These little blankies are adorable, & are the perfect size- especially for travelling with. We have several of them, but I like to wash them frequently, so having a few more on hand would be nice.

So, last week I went into one of my favorite little baby boutiques where I had purchased the little blankies before, only to find out that the owner was no longer carrying them. I decided at that point I would just find & order one online. But then today that crazy wild hair struck, & I decided to take matters into my own hands!

I went to town digging out all the scraps of fabric & ribbon I could find, threaded up the sewing machine, &
TA-DA!!!! A brand new, super adorable soft blankie for my little guy!

It has a few little imperfections, but for my very first one, I am pretty pleased! Plus, I saved about 30 bucks by making it myself! Can't beat that!

Oh, & on Saturday my mother in law & I will be making new curtains for my living room! Take that, Martha Stewart!

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