Sunday, November 14, 2010

productive Saturday!

Bright & early Saturday morning, we loaded up the car with everything except the kitchen sink & headed over to my in-laws for a day of work!

I really wanted to get Jett a bookshelf for Christmas this year, & after some searching, I found one from Pottery Barn Kids that I really liked. After talking it over with Jared, he took one look at the picture, & made the decision that he & his dad could easily take on this project {love my handy husband}! It would be something special that the two of them could do together & it would save us 300 bucks! Bless my father in law's heart- he spent so much time making the plans for these shelves. He took numerous trips to Pottery Barn Kids & Home Depot. He measured every corner, noted every detail, & chose all of the best materials {he's an engineer, so all of this is right up his alley}- all in an attempt to make Jett's first set of bookshelves nothing short of perfect! When we arrived & walked into his garage, I noticed that he had the Pottery Barn picture printed out, hanging on a small nail above his workbench, & my heart couldn't help but smile. This man loves his grandson. He loves us. Oh, how blessed we are. So, the boys worked & worked all day long & the sounds of hammering, banging, sawing, & laughing echoed from the garage.

Meanwhile, inside the house, my mother in law & I were hard at work, as well! A few months ago, I ordered some beautiful fabric to be used to make new curtains for my living room. Well, time kept passing, & my beautiful fabric just kept sitting in a corner on a bolt simply waiting to be turned into a gorgeous finished product. Problem is, I ordered the fabric without having any clue as to how to sew curtains! That's where my mother in law swooped in & saved the day! She told me to pick a day, & we would turn that beautiful fabric into beautiful curtains! I was too excited! Just as my father in law had gone over every single detail for Jett's shelves, my mother in law had been busy going over every measurement, every detail, every seam & stitch for my curtains! She sat right by my side, walking me through every single step, so that not only would I have curtains at the end of the day, but I would also have the knowledge to make curtains all on my own one day! She let me do the measuring, cutting, & sewing, but she was definitely the mastermind behind the project! We spent the day measuring, cutting, pinning, sewing, chatting, & of course, laughing! My mother in laws sewing machine is many years old, & doesn't run as quiet as the new ones do, & everytime the boys would hear it from the garage {yep, it's that loud}, they would say, "Sew like the wind, girls!" Haha. And that is exactly what we did!

It was such a fun & productive day! All of us were pooped by the end of it, but were also pretty proud of all that we had accomplished! We still have more panels of curtains to do, & the bookshelves are awaiting a few finishing touches, but that's okay with us because it just means that another fun work day is in our future!

We left my in laws with so much to be thankful for! We had shared a day of love, laughter, & learning! We left feeling blessed beyond belief because of the amount of love we are surrounded by. We left with a little bit of knowledge that we didn't have before. And we left with memories that will last a lifetime. I am excited to one day pass down all the love, encouragement, & knowledge to our own children the way it has been so graciously passed down to us. Now, that's what a productive Saturday should look like!

Here is a picture of what the guys got accomplished! And darn it, I forgot to get a picture of us girls, so you'll have to wait on that!

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