Tuesday, November 9, 2010

quick update

Two updates, actually.

The first update: Our little meatball has upgraded his "dead leg crawl" to a real, full on, hands & knees crawl as of today! I screamed "NO!" when I saw him do it! I swear this child is going to force me into pregnancy again real soon if he doesn't stay a baby!

Also, we have ditched the little baby bath tub {the one he hasn't fit into for quite some time now, but that I insisted on squeezing him into in an attempt to keep him little}! He is officially a big boy scrub a dubbin' in a big boy bath tub! He absolutely loves it! And he's pretty darn cute in it, too!

The second update: The little surgical procedure I had today went just fine. It was quick & I didn't feel a thing! I'm not feeling so hot right now {as the numbing medication is wearing off}, & I am not supposed to shower for 48 hours (blek) but other than that, I am good! Thank you to those that sent your prayers up on my behalf! You are a blessing & I love ya!

Consider yourself updated! Goodnight :)

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