Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top teeth & silly faces!

Houston, we have top teeth!!! Well, at least one anyways- one is all the way popped through, & the other one is toying with the idea of making its grand entrance! Very soon my little guy will be sporting a new pair of chompers to the world! These top teeth have been tough. The bottom 2 came in as a pair, & were no trouble at all, but the top ones decided to come in with bang! And by bang I mean, a very sore, very tender, snotty, fussy, drooly mess! They have worked our little Jett Jett over, & I will be so glad when they are finally in & his little gums feel some relief. We'll enjoy it for a little while until the next 2 decide to show up on the scene!

And on a lighter note, a little fun we are having! Jett has had us in stitches with laughter lately! His little personality is developing & if you popped in on any given night, you would most likely hear our home roaring with laughter. Jett is a little ham, & he knows it! He will do something & see that it makes us laugh, & continue to do it over & over, laughing in between! I'm tellin' ya- this family stuff- it's the best stuff there is!!! So here is his funny little face from last night!
He did this over & over & all the while, Jared & I just died laughing! If you ask us, he is the cutest, funniest little thing that ever existed & this funny little face just couldn't go without documenting!

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