Friday, November 26, 2010

A whole lotta Thankful!

If I could bottle up the amount of "thanksgiving" I have felt over the past couple of days, it would be enough to last the whole year through! We had an absolutely wonderful holiday, & I am left feeling beyond blessed. We gathered together with family, counted our blessings aloud, & feasted until our pants no longer fit comfortably. There were countless moments throughout all of the celebrating that I paused for just a second & noted my thankfulness & blessings.

And if you ask Jett how his first Thanksgiving went, I believe he would tell you it was a huge success! He enjoyed every bit of the turkey, mashed potatoes, & homemade rolls {& probably a few sneaks of pumpkin pie}! But what he enjoyed even more was being surrounded by a love that is big enough to move mountains. As I watched all of our family pour out an immeasurable amount of love to our little boy, my thankfulness consumed me. Jett is so blessed. We are so blessed. We have an army of love around us, & there isn't much more one could ask for!

This year we have much to be thankful for- our precious little boy, a family who loves us, & friends who are there for us!

My life is fuller & richer than ever before, & I am a whole lotta thankful!

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