Friday, December 31, 2010

2010-A Rebuilding Year

2010 rocked our world--in the very worst ways, & in the very best ways.  It is a year I never want to repeat, yet a year I want to relive a million times.  It was a year full of trials & tribulations, blessings & celebrations.  It brought with it some sorrows, but even more joys.  There were severed relationships & sweet reconciliations.  There were times we were stretched thin, & times we stood up strong against all odds. Our marriage struggled at moments, & then grew roots that went stronger & deeper than ever before.  We got knocked down, yet we always stood back up.  The hits seem to come one right after another, & the minute we would get to our feet, another one seemed to  come & pull the rug out.  But even then, we always managed to shuffle back to our feet.  Storm after storm pelted us, & we weathered each one; sometimes gracefully, & sometimes not so much.  There were moments when parenthood didn't agree with us so well, & there were moments we handled it all quite beautifully.  There were times when it would have been easier to give up on everything, but we never did. We persevered, & are so very thankful we did.

Yeah, 2010 rocked our world. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
But as I sit & reflect on 2010,  I can't help but be proud of where we are today. Because here on the other side of 2010, we can see all the beauty that the year held, even through the hard times.  It wasn't always pretty in the midst of each day, but looking at the big picture from right here--it's beautiful.  We became parents, a family, a team.  We grew, gained wisdom, & have more knowledge than before.  We found out what we were made of, & realized how strong we really are.  And if given the chance, I would gladly do 2010 over a million times again.

Jared & I always joke that  2010 was our "rebuilding year".  Everything was new & fresh, & needed figuring & sorting out.  Leave it to my hubby to relate our lives to a term used in sports.  But really, he's right.  Just like sports teams have to take time to figure things out, sort through everything, see what works & what doesn't, learn to work together, become new, smooth out the kinks, mess up, even fail sometimes in order to become great, that's exactly what this year has been for us.  We have learned that a "rebuilding year" isn't easy.  It takes lots of work, lots of growth, & lots of patience...

But you know what happens to a team after a "rebuilding year", don't you?  That team comes out & shines.   That team comes out & shows what they're made of.  That team comes out & they ROCK IT!!

And while I am not really a "make a new year's resolution" kind of girl {never have been}--I do have one small  resolution in mind for 2011, & that is simply to  ROCK IT!!!

So farewell 2010!  You are a year that will go down in the history books for us, & one we will never forget!

 To 2011, get ready!

Happy New Year!

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