Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Christmas kind of day {part 2}

The day started out kinda "iffy". We all got up & were getting ready for church when I noticed that Jett was coughing & sneezing quite a bit. Pair the coughing & sneezing with the 11 degree weather we are having, & the fact that one more ear infection is likely to land us in the hospital getting tubes, & Jared & I decided it probably wouldn't be the best idea to get Jett out. So, DaddyBoy went on to church & Jett I got back in our comfy clothes. Throughout the day, the coughing got a little worse, the sneezing became more frequent, & by bedtime, his nose was running like a faucet, & he was extremely fussy {teething, perhaps?}. I am praying another ear infection is not on the horizon, but so far, that has seemed to be the trend for us. Boo.

But we weren't about to let a runny nose & cough come & steal our Christmas day {part 2}--it had to go on---& it sure did! We still managed to get our Christmas pretzel treats all put together, complete with cellophane bags, ribbons & bows. We put the final touches & details on our Christmas cookies! Even Jett was in the Christmas spirt, full of laughter & playfulness {up until bedtime when he melted}. brother stopped by for a surprise visit {& tried to eat up all of our pretty cookies}! All in all, it was a great day & I am already sad that the weekend is quickly coming to an end. I sure wish Christmas time came around more than once a year--but I suppose that is all the more reason to make the very most of it--complete with lots & lots of Christmas kinds of days!

A yummy Christmas treat for our neighbors & friends!

I got a little carried away with the food coloring!
Jared showing off his mad cookie decorating skills!

What he really wanted to do with the frosting!

All done! So pretty!

Happy sweet {sick} boy!

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