Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Christmas kind of day!

We had a Christmas kind of day here at our house today! We cranked up the Christmas music & danced around the kitchen in our jammies this morning, we made a Christmas card display to hang so that we can actually enjoy the cards we receive this year rather than stacking them in a pile on the counter {got the idea from my blog friend over at Clover Lane}, we made a yummy Christmas treat, made the invitation for Christmas breakfast at our house this year, & ended the night by baking my famous Christmas cookies {which we will decorate tomorrow}!

I love being all cooped up with my sweet little family--especially at Christmas time! My favorite people & my favorite time of year--doesn't get better than that! I live for days like the one we just had! It was completely unplanned, completely Christmas, & completely perfect! I'm already excited for the next one!

Here is our yummy Christmas treat! White chocolate covered pretzels--made festive! One thing you have to be really careful of when making these--not to eat them as you go!

My famous Christmas sugar cookies! I will be sure to post pics after we "beautify" them tomorrow!

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