Thursday, December 9, 2010

diy {do it yourself}

I'm a do it yourself kind of gal. I would rather do things myself any day, than have someone do something for me. I truly enjoy the process of figuring things out for myself, putting in the grunt work, & at the end of a project being able to stand back & be proud of what I have accomplished. I like to learn new things, express my creativity, & then set it all in motion!

I am sure you have noticed that things are looking a lot different around here! I have figured out how to make my own designs for my blog {& am pretty sure I wore google completely out during the process}! After searching, playing, & much trial & error, I finally feel like I have a blog that is ALL mine! I figured out some fun tricks & secrets to make it look a little more "me", & I am super duper excited about it! While my blog design was adorable before {thank you Masto Mama for designing it}, I like the idea of being able to change things up, let my creativeness go a little wild, & of course know at the end of the day that I did it myself!

I hope you enjoy the new look! But don't get too used to it---I will be changing it soon---because I can!!!

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