Wednesday, December 1, 2010

double digits!

Happy December! And HAPPY 10 MONTH BIRTHDAY to my sweet little Jett!

We are in the double digits now {which I cannot believe} & that means that in only 2 months we will be celebrating Jett's FIRST birthday! I made his one year photo appointment today, & I just started a to-do list of all the details that go along with planning a one year old birthday party!

On one hand I wish we could go back to the itty bitty baby days, but on the other hand I absolutely love the little stages he's going through & how he becomes more & more fun every single day! I am slowly starting to embrace his growing up instead of holding onto his baby-ness for dear life! Well, except for last night when I couldn't sleep & had to wake up the hubster to inform him that we only have 4 more of what we've already had with our little Jett Jett before we have to send him off to Kindergarten! I'm such a worry wart!

Here are some cutie patootie 10 month old pics from today =)

{if you look reeeeally close, you can see 2 little top teeth poking through-those little troublemakers! }

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  1. Well, if you choose to homeschool, he can be with you every day all the time!! He can learn everything he needs to know with you in the comfort of his own home. Now that's cool!

    You've got time, but I think you'd be great at homeschooling...just something to consider! :)

    Chat with ya later!
    Abby Salazar