Friday, December 3, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

The carols are cranking, our Christmas cards are addressed, our tree is twinkling, the stockings are hanging, the lights on the outside of the house are glowing, & CHRISTMAS is in full swing here in our home!

Christmas time is most definitely my favorite time of year & I get all warm & fuzzy inside every time it comes around! When I see those white twinkling lights, smell sugar cookies baking in the oven, feel the warmth of a fire crackling in the fireplace, hear the jingle of bells in the distance, my heart goes pitter patter & I can't help but be filled with giddiness! My excitement at Christmas time is like that of a child, & I can barely contain it!

But this year in particular, I'm not just excited- I am over the moon, bursting at the seams EXCITED! I have dreamt for years of the day that I would have my own children, all cozy in their warm Christmas jammies, singing Christmas carols while decorating the tree, making sugar cookie "masterpieces" by using loads of frosting & sprinkles, snuggling under big heavy blankets watching Christmas classics, sipping hot cocoa with tiny marshmallows piled on top, & carrying out all kinds of Christmas traditions-both old & new! Well, guess what?! This is the year all of that finally begins! If I thought Christmas was amazing before, well then, I simply have no words for what it is now! Now that I have my own child, Christmas has become even more exciting, more fun, more merry, more joyous, & much much more meaningful! Getting to see Christmas through Jett's eyes will be my most favorite gift this year- I am sure of it!! This Christmas season is definitely going to be a special one, & I can't wait to make the very most of it!

It really is "The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"!!!

Here are a few pics of us "decking our halls" this year!

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