Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jett Jett happenings

It's time for another update on our little Jett Jett! Boy oh boy, is he coming into his own! The 10 month mile marker has brought along with it so many new happenings, & so much personality! It has been a fun month, & we are gobbling our little guy up!

* We'll start with his ears. I haven't updated since the last ear infection. We took him in after he finished up the really strong antibiotic, & praise the Lord, his ears were all clear! Doctor said if we could keep him clear for the next few months, then Jett probably wouldn't need tubes. On the other hand, if he gets another infection, then off to the ENT we go... He is battling a cough & runny nose as we speak {I can see a tooth on the surface of his gums ready to pop through- it seems like he ALWAYS gets a cough & runny nose right before a tooth makes its appearance}, so I am PRAYING it clears up with no infection settling in his ears!

Now that we've covered the bad stuff- onto the good stuff! There's way more of that & it's more fun!

* Climbing stairs. It took him minute {& I mean only a minute} to figure it out, & then up the stairs he went! He has absolutely no fear, & climbs up them like he's been doing it for years!

* Walking. Not on his own just yet. He has a push toy that he waddles along behind. It is the cutest thing! He goes up & down the hallway over & over & over again. And when he gets "stuck" up against a wall...HUGE meltdown! He throws himself to the ground, & big crocodile tears come rolling down his cheeks. Once we set him & his push toy on the "straightaway" again, everything in the world is okay! Well, until he gets stuck again.

* Waving. He doesn't do it on command...only when he feels like it. But last night when DaddyBoy came in the door & waved, Jett deemed that an appropriate time to go ahead & wave back! Perfect timing!

* Blowing kisses. He puckers his lips up like a little fish & the gives the cutest little "smack" at us! Of course we eat it up!

* "Awww face". That's what we call it. Whenever he is doing something sweet, & we say, "Awww", he squints his little eyes {almost like he's smiling with his eyes} & musters up the biggest grin he's got- not a single tooth is hidden! He is such a little ham!

* "What's this"? This is my newest favorite thing that he does. Jared still hasn't seen it yet, but he does it all day long with me. If he hears something out of the ordinary {like the washer on spin cycle} , he will put his little hand up, & start whispering "sshhshshshshsthshtheshs". I LOVE IT!!! It did break my heart though, today, when he thought he heard the garage door open, & rushed over to wait for DaddyBoy ,doing his little "shthshshhthtshsh" complete with little hand in the air--only to realize DaddyBoy wasn't actually home. It ended in tears, but a quick phone call to hear DaddyBoy's voice made it all better!

* Shake it! It used to be that when he was ready for me to come & get him from his crib in the mornings or after nap times, I would hear a sweet little "mama.maaama.maaaaama." Not anymore. His new thing is to shake the daylights out of his crib railing! Once the crib starts rockin' ,that's my cue to run in & scoop my little sunshine up!

* VROOOOM! This amazes me. I'm not sure how he knows to do this already {I guess by just observing. That, & it's a total boy thing}, but as he rolls his cars across floors, ottomans, & couches he makes a "car" sound! It really doesn't sound like "vroom", but it's definitely his interpretation of what sound a car makes! Jared loves that his son is all boy & the two of them spend hours vrooming cars together!

* Hide & Seek. We do this all day long! I crawl around the couch & hide, & he comes crawling after me. Once he finds, me, I scream, he screams, & then we do it over & over cracking up laughing the entire time! Who needs to run on the treadmill when I get my cardio in this way?!

* Riding in the buggy. At Kindermusik class, Miss Darcy brought in laundry baskets, & we use them as "buggies"! We have a buggy song that we sing & each of the babies takes a turn riding in the buggy! It is really adorable, & sometimes the babies buddy up & take a ride together! Well, at home, sometimes after I'm done folding laundry, I will start singing the buggy song, & like a little lightning bolt, he is right at my side ready for his buggy ride! When the song comes to an end {& I wear out from pushing that darn thing around the house} he shakes his head no & cries. That means-"Go again, Momma!" So off we go...for just one more ride.

* Music man! He absolutely LOVES music! There are a couple of songs from Kindermusik class that are his favorites, like "In the Moon", "Riding in the Buggy", & the Kindermusik "Welcome Song". He loves Laurie Berkner on Nick Jr, & lately with all of the Christmas carols we have been singing around the house, he has decided that "Jingle Bells" is his all time fave! When he hears it, immediately a smile flashes across his face, & he gets to bouncing! He's even got really great rhythm already! {He gets that from me--just sayin'}

* He is now wearing size 12-18 months clothes. Seriously? I remember when I would glance at this size of clothing in the store & it looked so HUGE! I thought it would be FOREVER before MY baby would fit into them. Ha. It's here.

*He's got 'tude. And I'm not quite sure where he gets this from. Alright, alright...he gets this from me too. His little will has really been showing here lately. Especially when he wants to take the bowl I am feeding him from & throw it, or when he wants to bang his sippy cup on his high chair so that little milk splatters go flying all over my kitchen, or when he wants to touch the fireplace, which he knows is a big no-no. When we tell him "no", he shakes his own head "no", as hard as he can & gives us a "look". Or sometimes the big crocodile tears show back up on the scene. Or sometimes, like last night, he takes us by complete surprise, & not only shakes his head "no", but also proceeds to chuck a toy car across the floor!!! WHAT?! Who taught him how to do that?! While I would like to say that Jared & I held our ground on the matter of his little attitude, we didn't -we both burst into laughter !

Well, as you can tell, we are having the time of our lives with our sweet boy! Every single month gets more & more fun, & to imagine that it is only going to get better & better just doesn't seem possible! I realize these updates probably aren't extremely interesting to anyone who isn't Jett's parents or grandparents, but these little moments are our everything. They are the way we hold on to our memories & will one day get to laugh as we read them to Jett! How fun that will be!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

That's all she wrote!

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