Saturday, December 18, 2010


I have a rule. You see, I carry the title of "MOM" now, & that's what moms get to do- we get to make rules. And although I never understood it as a child or teenager, I understand now, that moms don't make rules to be mean. We make rules because at the end of the day, we really do know what is best for our own families. How does the saying go? Oh, that's right- "Mother knows best." I couldn't agree more!

So, here is my rule.

On the Eve of Christmas, we stay home as a family. We don't travel. We don't run last minute errands or pick up final gifts. We don't gather in anyone else's home for Christmas celebrations. We stay nestled in our own cozy warm home & we make moments with our children that will be memories they carry with them for a lifetime. We will bake cookies for Santa, play games, watch Christmas movies, get all snug in Christmas jammies, recite "The Night Before Christmas", & then at the end of the evening, we will nestle our children all snug in their beds.

You see, when I was growing up, I loved Christmas! I loved waking up at the crack of dawn--oh, who am I kidding--it wasn't even close to dawn! My brother & I would tiptoe into Mom & Dad's room & try getting them up at 4am, be sent back to bed & try again at 5, be sent back to bed & sometimes if we were REALLY lucky, they would cave at 5:30! I loved running out to see our stockings overflowing with prizes, & tearing into all of the beautifully wrapped presents! There is no denying that I have a soft spot for Christmas! But it is Christmas EVE that holds my fondest memories! I remember the togetherness. I remember sipping hot cocoa. I remember opening a package of special Christmas jammies. I remember BEGGING to open just one more present--& sometimes getting to, because Mom couldn't stand the pleading any longer! I remember the anticipation! I remember my brother & I being little balls of energy, ready to explode with excitement! I remember being all tucked into bed that night, & tossing & turning all the night long because the anticipation was just consuming me! And then once Christmas morning came, of course it was always fun--but in my heart, it didn't hold a candle to Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve brings with it a truck load of eagerness, excitement, anticipation, giddiness, silliness, twinkling eyes, cheeriness, merriness, jolly-ness--the whole sha-bang! And not for one single second do I want to miss out on my own children experiencing all of the above! I want to watch every bit of their excitement unfold! I want to see their eager eyes as we set cookies & milk out for Santa! I want to hear their little voices begging & pleading to open JUST ONE gift! I want to see their giddiness as Jared & I tuck them into bed at night & see that they too, are little balls of energy about to explode at any moment! I want to spend the entire day cozied up with them sipping hot cocoa, baking cookies, skipping naps, & having togetherness. I guess what I'm saying is that I want to really truly experience Christmas with my family, & I don't want to miss a single thing. Not one single moment. I know that one day my children will all be grown, & they will go off to have their own lives & families. Sure, I'll still be a part of it, but it won't be the same--I won't have THESE days back ever again. I only have them for a short time & that's why I intend to make the very most of the years & time we have together! I want my children to grow up & have vivid memories of the moments we made together as a family!

Now don't think for a second that I don't think extended family is important. I believe that grandparents, aunts, uncles, & cousins are a precious part of our lives & memory making! And we will have our time with them every single year, no doubt!

But every year on Christmas Eve, you will find us snug in our home.

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