Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nasty Little Bug

A nasty bug has struck our house.  And the whole Kansas City area, from what I hear.  It started last night when Jared & I went in to check on Jett before we headed off to bed.  I peeked in over the crib to find that Jett had thrown up EVERYWHERE. I had heard him fuss over the monitor a little earlier, but it's not unusual for him to do that every once in awhile in his sleep.  He went right back to sleep so I thought nothing of it.   But when I saw that he had been sick, it broke my heart & I felt like the worst mother ever for not knowing.  We woke him up, stripped his clothing & bedding, drew a warm bath, bathed him & proceeded to sanitize everything in sight.  After his bath, we put him in clean warm jammies & Jared & I took turns rocking him, thinking we had seen the last of the nasty visitor.  Nope--the nasty little bug struck again--all over Jett, me, the blankets, jammies, etc.  Back to square one--stripping, cleaning, sanitizing. Needless to say, it was a very long night.  Jett didn't throw up again after that, but he was very restless all night long, & Jared & I didn't sleep because we were worried about him.  We checked on him every hour on the hour & jumped at every little whimper we heard in between.

Thankfully, Jett seems to be feeling better today.  He is eating, drinking, & playing.  But unfortunately, that nasty little bug has decided to come after me.  Not fun.  So we are on a steady diet of saltines, chicken noodle soup, & clear liquids around here.

And just for the record, usually when anyone is sick in our house, they get my special homemade chicken soup to help nurse them back to health.  But when mama is sick...mama doesn't feel like cooking & we just get the stuff from the can.

Here's to hoping this nasty little bug hightails it out of here as soon as possible.

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