Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Perfect Plans

If there is one thing in life that that you can always count on going 100% as planned--it's that nothing ever goes 100% as planned.

You see, I had these big, lovely, picturesque ideas of how Christmas would play out this year. Everyone we love would be gathered together in our home on Christmas morning, Jared, Jett, & I would spend the few days before Christmas doing nothing but watching Christmas classics, eating our weight in sugar cookies, taking long winter naps, & singing Christmas carols. It would go down as the best Christmas in history! A girl can dream, right? Well, I certainly WAS dreaming, because reality swooped right in {like it tends to do}& brought along with it real life circumstances. I hate it when that happens.

First of all, my family won't be coming on Christmas morning after all. Everyone we love WON'T be gathered together in our home at the same time. Boo. The little bro had a work scheduling conflict making our original plan fall to pieces. I'll admit I had a slight breakdown over it, but real life kept on happening so I had no choice but to pick up the pieces & truck on. Life happens.

Secondly, Christmas is only two days away & our days leading up to Christmas have been far from relaxing. No long winter naps, no watching of Christmas classics, & the sugar cookies have yet to be made. Boo. Jett ended up with another ear infection on Friday, which landed us in the ENT's office on Tuesday, which landed us in Children's Mercy today getting surgery for ear tubes. Talk about an eventful week--& it's only Wednesday! That sure wasn't in the plan!

Turns out, there's no such thing as perfect plans. We paint pictures in our minds of the way we want things to turn out, the way we dream them to be, & in all reality, we have no control over this life. I am learning this lesson over & over again, & one day maybe I'll really "get" it & quit with the "perfect " planning already. Old habits die hard.

On the bright side {because there's always a bright side}, even though our families may not all be gathered together under one roof on Christmas morning, we are still blessed enough that we will get to spend some time with each side of our families throughout Christmas day--well, that is, if the weather cooperates {see, i'm already learning this "go with the flow" thing}.

And even though our days haven't included much rest & relaxation, our Jett Jett got some much needed relief to his little ears! A day after meeting with the ENT, he was scheduled for a surgery that usually takes months to get into! What a blessing from God!

Perfect plans simply do not exist. Life throws curve balls & bumps in the road, & we have two options- to crumble right along with the plans, or to pick up the pieces & keep on rockin' & rollin'. Here's to rockin' & rollin'.

Now MAYBE, JUST MAYBE we can get a nap in over these next couple of days..maybe even rent a movie or two--but don't worry, I'm not counting on it!

Merry Christmas! Leave a little room for the unexpected!

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