Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday Shirt Gone Bad!

I was browsing on etsy {I swear, I could spend days on there}, looking for a cute little birthday shirt for my Jett man, when I stumbled upon one I just loved & had to have!  I showed it to Jared & his immediate response was, "You can make that."  Hmph...  I hadn't thought of that.  He was right!  I'm a crafty gal.  I could handle this.  Plus, why in the world was I going to spend twenty bucks {plus shipping} on something I could make myself for about 8 buckaroos?!

So I got busy craft craft crafting away!  I worked very meticulously, paying close attention to every detail & every stitch, & when I was finished, the little shirt looked JUST like the one I saw on etsy!  I could just imagine Jett sporting his cute little shirt with the big "1" stamped right on the front--obviously, he would be adorable! I was as proud as a peacock with my work, so I grabbed my camera to take a few photos!  But when I looked into that little LCD screen on my camera, my excitement over that cute little birthday shirt fizzled into oblivion & was replaced with pure & utter shock.  

You know how photos can sometimes show you what you fail to see in reality?  You know, like the little bit of weight that you knew was there, but didn't really let bother you until you saw THAT ONE picture?  Or that double chin that goes unnoticed until you see it in a certain photo, & then it sticks out like a sore thumb?  Well, there was most definitely something sticking out like a sore thumb in the photos of Jett's birthday shirt, & it wasn't a double chin or a few extra pounds.  Let me just say, that the number "1" I had chosen so carefully, going through all of the fonts on my computer & finally deciding on the cute & fun Apple Casual font, well--it didn't so much resemble a "1" anymore.  It had taken on a whole new look, & it was pretty horrifying.   I kept going back to my camera & thinking, "Well, maybe no one will notice.  Maybe it's just me."  And then I could just hear it, years & years from now, "Mom put a ____ on the front of Jett's party shirt!"  I could hear the taunting & mocking & laughing from my teenage children, & let me tell you, I grabbed my seam ripper quicker than you can imagine & ripped every darn stitch out of that "number 1"!  

When I sat back down to give this little birthday shirt another whirl, I chose my font MUCH more carefully!  Who knew the number "1" could be so much trouble?!

Here's how the G-Rated birthday shirt turned out!  

I think it's really cute, but what I love even more is the story behind it!  Jared & I got a lot of good laughs before we deleted all of those photos off of my camera!  

 I apologize to anyone who finds the nature of this post to be offensive.  I did actually contemplate on whether to share it on my blog or not, but then I figured, oh what the heck!  This is the real, the funny, the in between, & the process it took to get that cute little birthday shirt made, & it gave us a good laugh, so maybe it'll give you one, too!  I didn't say it was always gonna be pretty around here...but you can count on it being real!


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  1. I had to read this twice...I could NOT figure out what it looked like. HAHA! Needless to say I figured it're so cute.