Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas With The Cousins!

Last night we had one last Christmas sha-bang with Jared's extended family & my oh my, what a BLAST we had!  My face still hurts from all of the laughing that went on!  I am so thankful to my sister in law who got the whole shindig together.  It's amazing how time flies & if nobody takes the initiative to get together, years can pass right by!  Last night was a reminder of just how important it is to take time with the ones you love--to schedule it, plan on it, & make it happen!

We will definitely be making it a point to spend more time with each other!  The fun we had last night should happen way more often than just once a year!

Here's a brief summary of our eventful evening!

There were cousins, cousins, & more cousins!!!

Umm....did I mention how  CUTE these cousins are?!

We had our crazy gift exchange which resulted in belly aching laughter!

 There were hugs & kisses & loads of love!

There was even indoor sledding!

And just a couple more pics {because they crack me up}!!

"Coach" was a big hit with the kiddos, & it totally looked like he was hosting a "play group" on the kitchen floor!  So cute!

Jared became the hit of the party when he pulled out Jett's little cheese puffs!  He laughed that he felt like they were little ducks attacking him for some bread!  They are the cutest little ducks I've ever seen!

It was such a fun filled evening, & when the time came to say good-bye, none of us were ready.  I suppose that just means we'd better get cracking on planning our next get together! 

It was truly a fabulous way to finish up the Christmas season! 

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