Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Custom Cuteness!

Here lately, I've got one thing & one thing only on my mind-- my Jett Jett's BIRTHDAY & PARTY!  So until his birthday actually rolls around, my blog will most likely be taken over by all things birthday related!  My creative juices have been flowin' like crazy & I am excited to share all of the fun projects that have been keeping me up past my bedtime!

I'm an absolute psycho about having an idea in my mind & then going to every extent to make sure it turns out just as I imagine!  I'm crazy about little details, & I think in the grand scheme of things, the little details are what add up to that one big special event!  Usually, my ideas aren't ones that I can just walk into a party store & find on a shelf, so that generally leaves me doing lots & lots of custom work--which I just so happen to love!

Here's some of the custom cuteness  I've been working on the past couple of nights!

Party Hats!

Jared & I had fun assembling these & were pretty excited with how cute they turned out!  HERE is the super easy tutorial I used to make them!

That's it for tonight!  I've got lots more up my sleeve, though!  So stay tuned!

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