Monday, January 3, 2011

A few of our FAVES!

We've been having lots of fun around here ever since Christmas, enjoying all of our new "toys"!   It appears that Jared, Jett, & myself were awfully nice last year, because we made out like bandits as far as Christmas gifts go! I thought I'd post a few of our hit gifts just for fun!

The tool set he got from my parents {with my help of course}!
 Now my already handy hubby is even handier!

It was a toss up & I am pretty sure he loves them both equally.  The rocking horse is from my parents & the dinosaur is from Jett's great grandma Marriott.  They both get the same response from Jett--crying  the second he lays eyes on them!  He cries until we sit him upon the horse, or stand him up behind the dinosaur to push it around the house!  Once he gets his way, he is all smiles--little stinker!

The 50mm lens for my camera that my hubster got for me! I love this thing & am already having so much fun with it!

It sure pays to be on the "NICE" list!

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