Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello ROUTINE! It's nice to see ya!

DaddyBoy is back to work today after two full weeks of being home with us.  Those two weeks flew by way too fast, & we are definitely missing our DaddyBoy today.  These past couple of weeks have been such a precious time for our little family, & we have savored each & every moment!  Last night, while we were cleaning up after dinner {with Jett helping by hanging on the top rack of the dishwasher} Jared looked at me, a little teary eyed, & said to me, "I am so glad to have had these two weeks with you guys.  Look at him {referring to little Jett man}, he has changed SO much over the past two weeks!  He is a little boy now!" Boy oh boy, is Jared right.  Jett has had so many noticeable changes happen over this past month than ever before!  I am so glad we all got to share in his little leaps & bounds as a family!  We had much laughter, much lounging, & a very relaxing & memorable Christmas break.  But you know how the saying goes...all great things must come to an end.  So this morning I kissed Jared & sent him on his way back to work!

I thought for sure that today would be kind of depressing, but surprisingly, getting back into a routine & schedule was a breath of fresh air!  Jett & I spent our morning playing cars, beating drums, & pushing that darn dinosaur round & round the house. While Jett napped,  I tidied up the house & prepped it for some major cleaning here in the upcoming days, listed out our meals for the week, scribbled a to-do list for this month, & ran a couple of errands! I think Jett enjoyed things being back to "normal" as well.  He napped right on time & better than he had all Christmas break!  I absolutely love being able to let all of our daily routines & responsibilities relax every now & again & I find it totally necessary in order to "recharge" from the daily grind.  But I have to admit that having my trusty routine back in place puts a little skip in my step, as well!

So off I go!  To do laundry, change sheets, pick up scattered toys, & make endless to-do lists!  Call me crazy, but I've missed it all just a bit!

Oh, & by now it probably goes without saying, but my daily "routine" wouldn't be actually be "routine" without any pictures!  So here are a few from this morning!

{He is the biggest ham these days & I just eat it up!}

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