Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Look Back At Eleven Months

Our little eleven month old will only be eleven months old for just a few more days, so I want to reflect on all that he has been up to over this past month! 

Of all the months of his little life, I am almost certain that 11 months has been my favorite.  It is definitely the month that he changed the most & made the biggest leaps & bounds.  This has been the month that we have looked into that little face & have seen not only a baby face, but have seen small glimses of a little boy.   It's been a month of laughter, spunk, personality, & my goodness, has it been fun!  Yep, I'm pretty sure 11 months is my favorite {so far anyways}!

Here's what our trip through eleven months is looking like!

* He is sporting 6 pearly whites!  It is so funny how going from a big gummy smile to a set of teeth can change their little appearances so much!  I love his little smile & he sure knows how to flash that great smile & get whatever he wants out of us!

* He's our little social bug!  He loves people!  He turns into quite the little show off when we have anyone over to our house, & literally squeals with delight the entire time!  He gets so excited to be around other kids, & he plays so well with them!  When anyone speaks to him, he grins from ear to ear & I can't help but be proud of his sweet little personality!  We always say that he gets his social personality from his DaddyBoy--Jared has never met a stranger & absolutely loves people, & it's one of the things I love so much about him.  To see that beautiful trait coming out in my son is so very precious!

* Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy.  He does a little shimmy around the furniture to get to where he's going.  He's still not walking, & I'm completely okay with that.  I'm not one of those moms that is rushing him into the next milestone or comparing him to every other 11 month old in sight.  I want him to go at his own pace, & to just take this great big world in!  

* We laugh & call him a little old man because he actually uses his push toys as a means to get around the house, & not simply for fun.  If I head out of the living room, like to go to the bathroom for example, he makes a beeline to the closest push toy in sight, & uses it to get to me as fast as he can!  He totally uses them as "walkers" & we crack up!  

* A mover & a shaker.  This kid LOVES music!  He will go to the cd player in his room & point to it, & once the music starts playing, he gets down!  It's the cutest thing I've ever seen, & I love that his free little spirit lets loose & just dances away!  

* His naps are getting a little sketchy.  I think we are close to doing the one nap a day thing.  We have tried doing one nap a couple of times, but sometimes he {& I} really need that second one!  I don't think it will be long until he's completely down to one, though!

* Yesterday, we tried Gymboree, & he loved it!  At Gymboree they aren't allowed to wear shoes or socks, & the moment I stood him on the play mats, he stood on his own for the very first time!  I realized at that moment that I need to let him go without socks around the house once in awhile so those little toes can grip the floor!  He loved exploring & meeting new friends, & it is something that is perfect for him & his age right now! 

* He is our little cuddle bug!  Jett has always been pretty independent.  At about five months, he decided he didn't want to be rocked anymore, & once he became mobile, we became chopped liver!  He doesn't have time to be a baby anymore, for he is much too busy for that!    But here lately, every once in awhile when he is in our arms,  he will lay his sweet head on our shoulders & love on us!  Of course we just about die every time he does it!  It is so cool to watch him learning to express his love to us!  

* Happy Feet!  This is my new favorite thing that he does.  When he wants to be held or picked up, he crawls up to us, grabs onto our pant leg, & begins stamping those little feet!  SOOOO cute!

* DaddyBoy worked long & hard with him on "high fiving" & sure enough, he picked it right up!  Jared & him high five all through dinner time! For the past month we have been working on him holding that little pointer finger up to show that he's ONE, but no luck just yet.

* Our little ball player.  He is most definitely all boy {imagine that with a daddy like Jared}!  Jared has had a ball in Jett's hand since we brought him home from the hospital, so it is no surprise that Jett has already mastered the art of "passing" a ball!  He knows to sit still & take turns passing it back & forth, & by next year at this time I sure wouldn't be surprised if he already knows the fundamentals of soccer!  With Jared being his father, he is destined to play some kind of ball!

* We are working on learning our body parts.  He hasn't really shown interest in his own eyes, ears, mouth, & nose, but he can point out the eyes & ears on his toys!  He finds them on his rocking horse, his dinosaur push toy, & all of his little stuffed animals.  It amazes me the amount of information they can retain at such a young age!  

* "MOO" & "NEIGH".  His "moo" sounds like "bvvvvv" & his "neigh" sounds  like "ayyyyy", but he is most definitely trying & knows exactly what he is saying & which noise goes with which animal.  We spend hours playing with his little farm set  & all of the animals that go along with it, & when I make the animal sounds for the cow & horse, he mimics with a "bvvvv" & a "ayyyy"!  I'm tellin' ya, they are such little sponges!

* This kid doesn't miss a meal!  He LOVES to eat!  When he was really sick last month with that stomach bug, his pediatrician laughed that he is the only kid he knows that is vomiting & having diarrhea, yet still manages to gain a pound!  There isn't anything that is going to stop our little meatball from chowing down!  His favorite foods at the moment are: chicken, turkey, baked sweet potatoes, bananas, yogurt, pancakes, eggs, toast, pasta, green beans, peas, english muffins, spaghetti, rice...just to name a few.  On his list of dislikes: blueberries & cottage cheese.  He throws the blueberries off of his tray, & gags on cottage cheese.  In fact, he really isn't a big fan of fruit in general {besides bananas}.  He does okay with apples & strawberries, but I can see that it's not really his thing.  Lately, we have been introducing whole milk, & he has been taking to it wonderfully!  I am so glad!  We offer it in a sippy cup, & he will down it, no problem.  I have even replaced one of his bottles with a sippy cup of milk, & so far, so good!  I should have know when he was born & nursed the first time for over an hour, that we were gonna have a chow hound on our hands!  Which leads me to the next point...

* He is wearing 18-24 month clothing! Now, there is a little room to grow, but a lot of the 12-18 stuff was skin tight!  Yesterday at Gymboree, he was every bit as tall as the 15 month old little boys in his class {who, I might add, were tall for their age}.  I know I've said it before, but how in the WORLD did Jared & I have a baby this big?!  In all honesty, we love that he's so solid & sturdy!

* I hate to say it & jinx myself {even though I don't really believe in jinxing} but since he got his ear tubes, we haven't had one bit of trouble with his ears!  Can I get a PRAISE THE LORD?!  He seems to be sleeping sounder, & has been clear of an infection for over a month now!  Now that's music to ALL of our ears around here!

So there you have it--our look back at eleven months!  I am desperately trying to hold onto the last of these baby days with a death grip, but it's much like trying to grasp water in your hands--the days just keep slipping through.  My saving grace is that we have only scratched the surface of all of the fun, spunk, & personality of Jett's little life, & that there is much, much more to come!  Eleven months has been my favorite so far, but I would bet that there will be another favorite that comes along & blows eleven months out of the water!  And I can't help but be excited about that! 

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  1. Holly- I love reading about Jett's accomplishments! It brings back memories of Parker and it gives me so many things to look forward to with Andrew! Thank you for sharing and for reminding me how much fun the 11th month is for these little guys! Happy (soon-to-be) birthday to Jett!