Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Sledding We Did Go!

All throughout the day yesterday, big chunky flakes fell from the sky & slowly piled high onto the ground!  As we watched out our window, white powdery fun covered the earth as far as we could see, & beckoned us to come & play in it!

So that's exactly what we did!

The three of us bundled up as snug as bugs in our ski pants, coats, gloves, warm socks, & hats & dashed outside to have a little fun on our snow day!

This was Jett's very first encounter with snow {besides watching in wonder from the window} & he observed it very carefully, like he does everything.  He watched it fall from the sky, he looked around him to find that as far as his little eyes could see, he was surrounded by it, & he watched his DaddyBoy grab a handful & proceed to eat it!  He wasn't quite sure what to think about all of this cold white fluff stuff!

But just as soon as he laid eyes on his little green sled, he decided that snow days are pretty awesome!  Turns out, our little meatball is a natural at sledding!  He went round & round in circles in our drive way, up & over  little bumps, & only fell backwards into the snow one time {luckily he had so much padding that it didn't hurt him}!  And though you wouldn't know he was having the time of his life by the expression on his face, we knew he was having a blast because when we went to take him off of his sled, he let out the most blood curdling cry you have ever heard, complete with alligator tears, & you would have thought he was in the worst pain imaginable!  Once placed back onto his little green sled, that blood curdling cry & tears turned off like a switch & he was back to his somber expression!  What a little stinker!

After we dashed through the snow for a bit,  Jett's cheeks grew rosy, & his little button nose looked like a cherry, so we decided we'd better get him inside to thaw out!  We had a ball playing out in the snow & we counted our very first sledding adventure with Jett a complete success!

It was a perfect snow day, & we ended it the way every snow day should end--with a nice big mug of hot cocoa!

Here's to many more snow days--& to wearing out that little green sled!

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