Thursday, February 3, 2011


Alright, Jett's room smells like a big ol' nasty stink bomb.  Apparently the diaper "genie" lost all of its super magic "genie" powers right about the time Jett started solid foods...go figure.  It has up & quit on us, & I'm kinda at a loss as to what to do with his diapers now.  I certainly don't want them in my regular trash, then I would just be moving the stink bomb smell to my kitchen.  No thanks.

So all you mommies out there...I need your help.  Let me hear your suggestions.  What did you do when your genie couldn't contain the stink your little ones were putting out anymore?  

Thanks, friends!


  1. I LOVE that question. I would love to know what the heck to do with all my nasty diaper's I get daily. Mine is 10x's as worse with all the kids I have. Thanks so much for asking! Can't wait for a answer that will work for me as well as. By the way love, love, love the blog!

  2. I know you got plenty of suggestions on facebook on how to solve this dilemma, but I'll go ahead and post on here too. Don't want to leave ya hangin! : ) Like what so many said on facebook, I use the plastic bags from walmart, grocery stores, etc. I keep the bag hanging on the door in my laundry room and when it gets full (which doesn't take too long with two in diapers) I just tie it up and toss it in the trash can in the garage. You'd be surprised at how well they contain the odor. Unless the diaper is totally raunchy, you don't even notice a bag of stinky diapers in your (my) laundry room. : ) Jett sure is growing! Can't believe he's one already, and my baby is 18 months. Time flies when you're having fun!