Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Birthday Blizzard!

The 2011 Blizzard swept in this morning & has been quite a doozy!  I think we are at 10 inches of snow right now{& it's still coming down}, Kansas City has been declared a state of emergency for the next three days, & many of our interstates are shut down.  Our temperatures are tanking to dangerous lows, the winds are whizzing up to 30 mph, & there is zero visibility in some areas.   Wild, huh?!

But not even a blizzard could stop our little family from celebrating the big O-N-E with our little guy today!  

We had an absolutely wonderful day.  Sure, the big ol' blizzard messed up the plans we had that would have started this morning with Gymboree class {we were excited to show DaddyBoy what it is all about}, a fun lunch date, & wrapping it all up with a yummy home cooked dinner & cupcake from a new little hip cupcake place in town!  But you know what we learned today?  That birthdays can go on with a blizzard whirling about outside, & we can make our moments magical without stepping a single foot outdoors.  Things like a huge birthday breakfast full of all of Jett's favorites, a lunch of homemade mini pizzas that we made together as a family, a big yummy home cooked dinner, cupcakes that are made from the box mix, balloons, streamers, & a day filled with doting, laughing, & dancing can truly show you what birthdays are really about.  They're not about filling the day with all kinds of different things to do, or going here & there & everywhere.  No, they are about celebrating the life of an individual.  And that is precisely what we did today.  We celebrated Jett--all day long.  In fact, I'd say he felt like quite a little king.  We stayed in our jammies til' 3, we gave a hundred "buggy" rides {pulling him in a laundry basket}, we watched the one year slideshow that Jared worked so very hard on & while Jett danced to the music on the slideshow, tears slowly fell from our eyes as we watched it & reminisced.  We ate cupcakes, we sang "Happy Birthday", & we thanked the Lord for the biggest blessing we've ever received.

It was an absolutely beautiful day, & it will go down in the history books, no doubt.  But not because it was the Blizzard of 2011, but because our boy turned one year old--& really, what could be bigger than that?!

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