Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kiss & Tell

So the other night, Jared & I were watching tv when this commercial came on...

28 first kisses?  Hmm.

And before I even had time to process the commercial, let alone make a comment,  Jared pipes up from across the room & says, "Ha!  You blew that number right out the water!"

"JARED!!" I shrieked!

He then cracked up laughing, quickly reminding me of how many boys I had dated in my past {that's what I get for filling him in on every stinkin' detail of my life}!  He laughed & giggled like a little school girl, thinking it was the funniest thing to sit there & taunt me about my kissing history!

There I sat, for the first time in my life without some smart remark to come back at him with.  He was right & we both knew it.  It was true.  I had dated lots of boys.  And as a result, I had kissed a whole slew of em'!  I was a teenage girl, swimming in a high school sea of boys--what ever was I supposed to do?!

**And just to defend my honor here, I can't let it go unsaid that I was a good, wholesome girl, & while yes, I locked lips with a bunch of boys, I was never one of "those" girls.  So please, don't go thinking I am or ever was some "fill in the blank". Thank you. =)**

Alright alright, so he got me.  But 28?!  That was pushing it!  So I began to tally them up in my head.  If my memory serves me right, my total falls below that 28 average mark & I did not "blow that number right out of the water", after all!!  So there!

We've gotten some good laughs out of this over the past couple of days, Jared especially!  He loves to tease me about it, & watch me get squirm & get all embarrassed.  It's all in good fun, & I can be a good sport & take it.

But in my defense, there was a method to my madness & I stand by the trusty ol' saying that--

You've got to kiss a lot of frogs before you kiss your prince! It's not MY fault there were so many frogs out there! ;)


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