Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Saturday, February 5, at 12pm, we had quite a little celebration here at our house.  I have reflected on the day over & over & have let all of the wonderful details kind of simmer & seep into my heart, & the conclusion I continue to come up with is that the day could not have been more perfect.  It was simple, & intimate, & beautiful.

At some point on Saturday, in the midst of all of the celebrating, something "clicked" with me.  You ever have a moment where you KNOW something to be true in your mind, but then something just "clicks", &  you go from knowing it in your mind to actually FEELING it in your heart--and then that changes everything?  Well, I had one of those moments, & it was pretty amazing...

If you know me at all, then you have probably figured out that I am pretty over the moon about being a mother!  Jett came into my life & he changed it forever.  He makes more out of me.  He brings more meaning to my days.  He makes me smile when I'm at my lowest.  He gives me a strength, a courage, & a zeal for this life.  To simply state it, he makes my life better.  And as I looked around the room on Saturday, trying to make a conscious effort to memorize every single detail of the day, what I saw staring back at me wasn't all of the details of the party.  It wasn't the party hats, or if I needed to refill the veggie tray, or who needed a drink, or if everyone was perfectly comfortable.  What I saw was this all consuming love that filled my home.  A love like I have never witnessed before in my life.  And it was literally oozing from every single person present.  There wasn't a soul in attendance that was there out of obligation, or was simply squeezing Jett's big day into their schedule. Every single person was present--really present, as if this day was as big to them as it was to me.  And that's when it "clicked".  I realized that this day was as big to them as it was to me.  Every single individual at Jett's one year old party, they LOVE him.  They really, truly love him.  He has slipped into their lives, just as he has mine, & he has changed them forever.  He has brought life & energy & love into their hearts that they never knew was missing until he came along.  Wow. This realization hit me & it floored me, all at once. To know & feel how much you love your own child is one thing--it's something that is almost paralyzing & there aren't even adequate words to describe it.  But then to be able to feel & experience the love that others have for your very own child?  Well, it's right up there with indescribable.  I'm talking about real true love, the kind that once you have been in the presence of, you cannot deny that you felt it. THAT kind of love.  To come to the realization that other people have this kind of love for your very own child, it is amazing.  It is beautiful.  And there isn't much more that could make a momma's heart smile bigger.

You know, I have always heard the quote that "it takes a village to raise a child", but honestly, I never personally got it.  I'm pretty independent & always believed that between Jared & I, we've got this family thing covered.  That we can manage just fine. And we do. And we can.  But oh my, what we would be missing out on, what Jett would be missing out on if this "village" wasn't here being his cheering section, pouring out this immeasurable amount of love that the walls of my home could barely contain, & bringing out the very best that lies inside him.  These are the people that will stand behind him, help to guide him, & play their each & individual intricate roles in molding & making our little Jett into the person he is going to be one day.  They are important.  They are needed.  They are our "village".  They bring a great big army of love to my little boy's life, & he will be blessed because of it.

I can honestly say that Jett's party was one of the most beautiful, perfect days  I have ever experienced.  And not because I planned the party or because of all of the little party details.  It was none of that. It was because of the love that I witnessed on that very special day.  I won't ever forget it or take it for granted. 

Clearly, it was a really "one"derful day!  And here are the pictures to prove it!

The FABULOUS cake!  Made by my very dear friends.  If you ever need an amazing cake, get ahold of me.  I'll give you their info.  They are so very talented & can make anything you can dream up!

Little details! 

Party Favors!

Cake Table!

 The birthday boy showing off that he is "1"!

Happy Day!

His new spring horse, "Lucky" {from Coach & Gigi}

So excited for his gifts!

One of my favorite moments about the day was his reaction to every gift he opened!  Every single time he opened a present, he would grin this adorable cheesy grin as if he was saying "thank you"!  He made everyone in the room feel so special, like they had chosen THE perfect gift for him!  It was pretty sweet!

New car {from Papa & Grandma}!
He went for lots of rides in it, did a few donuts on the kitchen floor, & popped some major wheelies, with the help of some grandparents, aunts, & uncles!

The "village" in their party hats!

Singing "Happy Birthday"!

Having his cake, & eating it too!

Digging in!

Sharing with Daddy!

Even the dino partied it up!

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  1. Emma just looked at these pictures with me and said "Awww....Jett is so cute! I want to go visit him one day...and their cute little dog, Mia." Emma just said "Please show me a picture of Mia, Holly." :)

    Beautiful post, Holly. I loved reading about the party.