Thursday, February 10, 2011


What's a girl to do when she has her whole day planned out {starting with Kindermusik in the morning & finishing up with a 12 month doctor appointment in the afternoon}, & not even a mile down the road the car starts to drive funny, a little bell dings, & then the CHECK ENGINE light proceeds to light up in orange?

She whips that car around & heads home to figure out a PLAN B for her day!

PLAN B= CRAFTING!  Valentine style!

And I didn't choose just ONE project to immerse myself in.  I'm an overachiever by nature.  I dove right into THREE projects!  I'm crazy like that.

So here's what my PLAN B kind of day looked like--

Valentine cards to send out to our families!

A Valentine apron!

A cute little Valentine sure for Jett man!

And now that I am knee deep in my three Valentine crafties, would you believe that I am actually contemplating getting my big ol' tub of cookie cutters & sprinkles out to start in on some Valentine sugar cookies?  Go me!

How's THAT for a PLAN B?!

{disclaimer: no child {aka Jett} was left being neglected while all of this crafting was taking place.  He was taking a super duper long nap, & as you can see, I was making the most of it!}

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