Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ridin' In Style

Check out this cool cat!

The other day I cleaned & organized Jett's closet & dresser drawers {woot woot for checking things off that Spring Cleaning To-Do List}, & I ran across the sunglasses he wore last year.  I figured he wouldn't get much use out of them this summer since 1) his head has probably doubled in size since last year & 2) kids this age usually hate any kind of accessory being attached to their heads or faces. Boy howdy, was I wrong!  He loves these sunglasses!  He insists on me putting them on him about a hundred times a day!  It cracks me up!

The funniest thing is that he MUST have them on when he drives his little red car!  Before he climbs up in his "cozy coupe", he does a quick scan of the room, finds his shades & then he's set {well, after he grunts & holds them up to his face for me to put them on him}!  This kid is a riot, & I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!

I'm now on the hunt for a cute little pair of aviators for this summer {how cute will that be?} so if you run across some or have seen them somewhere, send me a shout so I can snag them!  Thanks =)

Well, that's it for today!  I'm off to lay the little stud muffin down for a nap!

 {he also takes along his sippy cup of milk & places it in the cupholder behind him when he's out for a cruise--did I mention I love this kid?!}

Have a great day!

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