Monday, February 7, 2011

Slowin' It Down

Lots of you have been asking for pictures from the big birthday bash we had this past Saturday for our Jett Jett & I assure you, that post is coming soon!  It was a sweet, intimate, perfect day & I promise, I will fill you in on every detail--but just not right at this moment.  It has been a birthday frenzy around here for the past month or so, & today we just needed to slow it down a bit & take "birthday" off the brain!

Great big happenings {like birthday parties} are wonderful & grand & so very important, but I also truly believe that the simple  happenings of our everyday lives have their place, as well.  Sometimes it's the simple happenings of our lives that we remember far beyond the elaborate parties & plans that we've carried out.  

So today, it was all about the simple.  And if we hadn't slowed it down, just look at all that we would've missed out on...

Our sweet friend Amy, stopping in to have lunch & some play time!

Spending the afternoon getting lost in board books {& reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear four times in a row}.

Taking about thirty laps around the house practicing our "walking"  {This is Jett's new favorite thing to do--grab us by our index fingers & lead us all over the house}.

A much needed afternoon snooze on the couch!

My favorite days are always the ones that I turn off the background noise {aka television} & make myself very present in Jett's life.  I lay on the floor with him, watch as he plays, memorize all of his funny little expressions, & try to hold on to these moments where it's just me & him in our own little world!  

I decided today that "slowin' it down" is so very necessary & we're going to be doing a lot more of it!  

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  1. I love you! I needed today too...just to slow it down a bit! oh and I MUST HAVE a copy of that sweet lil pic of me and the Jett man! You bless me so much!