Saturday, February 26, 2011

Slumber Party!

Before Jared & I had Jett, every once in a blue moon we would declare a "Slumber Party" night.  Slumber Party nights always occurred on Friday nights, after we both had had a long week at work & they consisted of spreading a great big pallet across the floor, pillows piled high, heavy quilts & comforters to snuggle up under, munching on an assortment of movie box candy & popcorn, & watching a marathon of movies til' our eyes grew droopy & we drifted off to dreamland.   We always had great intentions of spending the entire night on our big pallet & sleeping on it til' noon the next day, but every single time, without fail, I would end up waking Jared in the middle of the night {wondering why in the world I was choosing a hard floor over my soft king size bed} & we would groggily {is that a word?} stumble off into the dark to our bed--where we would then sleep until noon the next day!  Ahhh...those were the days!

Now, I realize this may seem a little silly, considering that Jared & I slumber together every single night of our lives, & have for the past 7 years, but it's something out of the ordinary routine that we always found to be fun!

And here lately, I've been missing it...

So yesterday, while I was out doing my grocery shopping, I stocked up on all the necessities for a rockin' "Slumber Party", & sent the hubster a text telling him I had a surprise for him!

After Jett man went down for bed last night, we made a pallet, popped in a movie, ate Whoppers & Sour Strings til we had belly aches, & debated on whether or not we should spend the entire night on our pallet on the floor...

And when we woke up this morning...

we were in our soft king size bed.  Haha. Some things never change.  And this time, our wake up call was not at noon, but rather, at 8:40 a.m.-- to a happy little boy squealing over the monitor!

Sure, our times have changed just a little, & we've had to tweak our plans here & there, but it is so important to find time to do the things we have always loved to do & to incorporate them into our new lives as a family.  I imagine that one day, when Jared & I lay there on our big pallet, snacking on our junk food, & having our movie marathons, that we'll be squished together by a bunch of little warm bodies who have decided to join us {yes, you read that right--I said a "bunch" because I really do want a "bunch" of em'}!

Hmmm... or maybe Jared & I will keep our  "Slumber Party" nights as a little secret between just the two of us.  We will see.  Either way, there is no other place I would rather be on a Friday night!

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