Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Speakin' My Language!

Love language, that is!

You've heard of the 5 different love languages, right?  Well if you haven't, go to THIS website & you can take a quiz to find out what yours is! It's a fun little way to figure out how to love your spouse in the way that they desire to be loved!  I'm pretty sure I already know what Jared's love language is, but I'm gonna have him do the little quiz tonight,  just so I can be sure!

So after doing the quiz for myself, it revealed that my love language is:
Receiving gifts, followed closely by Acts of Service.  Yep, that's definitely me! Buy me a present, then load the dishwasher, & my heart is all yours!

No seriously, it's not that I'm all about gifts & that I have to have "things" to make me happy.  It's so much more about the thought & time put into making something special for me, & only me!  It's the small things, like the love notes he leaves for me every single morning, or the "prizes" he always brings home to me when he goes to the grocery store by himself!  Thoughtfulness is a really big deal to me, & the small things go a long, long way with me!

So yesterday {Valentine's Day},  I was a pretty happy girl when I woke up to this:

Little heart stickers stuck to everything I would be sure to come in contact with--the remote control, the refrigerator, the microwave, the computer, the light switches, my bathroom mirror!  Little pink, red, & white hearts were scattered all over the house & I got giddy every time I stumbled upon one!

"Happy Valentine's Day" balloons sprinkled all throughout the house!  They were little touches that reminded me I am loved every time I bumped into one!

A little tin full of my favorite--Reese's candy!

The sweetest little bouquet of pink & white flowers {from my Jett Jett}, wrapped with a little pink & white polka dot bow around the vase!  I'm not a big flowers kind of girl, & I always say to not waste the money on them, but I must say that this little bouquet could not be more "ME" & I really love it!  It sits on my window sill above my kitchen sink, & I smile every time I look at it!

Jared made the day really special for me, & I could see that he really took the time to think about what I would love, & carried those little things out for me!  I already KNOW that Jared loves & adores me, but it means the world to me when he takes the time to SHOW me by speakin' my language!  It helps me to remember what a blessed, loved, & cherished girl I am!

Jett Jett was feeling pretty loved  & adored, as well!  He woke up to a fun little basket of goodies & a yummy breakfast, complete with heart shaped pancakes!  We were supposed to go & meet DaddyBoy for lunch, but I ended up feeling a little under the weather, so we spent the day at home instead.  We made dinner together as a family {homemade pizzas with heart shaped pepperonis}, & chocked the evening full of hugs, kisses, & lots of snuggling!

 Jared & I are really looking forward to this weekend when we will have a sitter for Jett {thank you, Allyson} & celebrate our Valentine's Day as a couple with a romantic evening to ourselves!

I sure hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day & that someone was speakin' YOUR Love Language!

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