Friday, February 11, 2011


It's Friday!!  And I've got a surprise for you!

You know that Valentine apron I was working on yesterday? wasn't for me.  Lord knows I've already got too many aprons as it is!  It's for you!  That's right, this is my first blog give away, & I am so super excited about it!

So many of you have inquired about these aprons that I make, & while I don't have the time {right at this moment} to whip them up for everyone who has asked, I thought it would be fun to give one away here on my blog!

So, if you would like to be the proud new owner of this festive little apron, just follow these 2 simple rules to enter:

1) Be a follower of my blog.  It's easy.  Just click the FOLLOW button over there on the right!

2) Leave a comment under this post & tell me how you plan to celebrate Valentine's Day!  Elaborate or simple, I want to hear about it!

That's it!  Easy, right?!

I will draw a name at random & announce the winner on Valentine's Day {Monday}!  Good Luck!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. How fun is this?! Leave it to you to be so creative!!!
    No BIG plans for Valentines, but defiantly the sweetest in my book. Staying in with my boy, cuddled up...playing on the floor, chasing him around (he loves to be chased)...and smothering him with as many kisses as possible. Might have to save one or two for my husband since it is after all Valentine ;)

  2. Adorable apron! I don't have a cute apron. I keep giving them as gifts! I get to go on a date with my husband tomorrow night for Valentine's day. On Valentine's day, I am going to throw a little party for my boys. With cupcakes, cookies and chocolate. And of coarse tons of hugs and kisses!

  3. LOVE the apron!! I may have to have you make me one, one day!!
    I plan to be at home with Madi during the day: make sugar cookies, take pictures of her in her Valentines outfit, and have dinner at home!

  4. I love it!!! Although it won't fit right now cause of little miss Kailen being in my tummy...She'll be here any day!!

    Well first for Valentine's Day- I get to go to the Dr's office and see if we have any progression!! Then, possibly schedule a date to have her if there still is not any progression. And I get to hear my sweet baby's heartbeat!-Best V-day present of them all!


    Nick and I are spending our last Valentines Day {night} as a couple here in our home. I will be cooking him a yummy country dinner {chicken fried steak, mashed potatos, etc} Making him his favorite drink, pouring me some sparking welchs juice! ; ) After dinner we will have these yummy Ghiradelli chocolate brownies...Yay! Then we will cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie!! <3

  5. I hope I win this giveaway! I totally want one of your aprons.

    We actually don't celebrate much for Valentine's Day. We celebrate our love every day! We always have a special homemade dinner at home together with the kiddos. Boring, I know! :)

  6. Miss Holly I love your Apron!!!,.... and i LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentine's Day.... everrrything about it!!! The reds, pinks, hearts..... Sweets..... ALL OF IT!!! Mike on the other hand...... doesn't care for it at all..... but he's always been so good to me ;) This year Mike will be working at the FD on Vday..... so 24 hours, ALL 24 HOURS of Valentines Day without my baby =( I know, sad right? SOO....... Although Mike doesn't share the love for Valentines Day with me.... there's nothing we love more than celebrating everything with our boys! And what do boys love more than trucks, ?....... BIG Trucks.... MONSTER TRUCKS!!! So, that's exactly what we are doing! Taking my BIG lil man to see monster trucks..... and while we are there...... precious lil Benny will be receiving just as much love (if not more) from some very special friends of ours. We are all very excited for all the LOVE this weekend!!
    I can't wait to see how you celebrate your Valentines Day! Much love to all of you!!

    Whew. glad I could get one complete sentence in there. ( I think I must be against punctuation ....or at least correct punctuation ;) ;) )

  7. hey holly!
    love the apron! its sooo cute! well unfortunately i dont know exactly what we are doing because the hubster said its a suprise! i willing to bet that somewhere in during this weekend ICE CREAM is involved because i've been wanting some for awhile! I'm looking forward to spending time with him and cuddling! hope your valentines day is great!

  8. The apron is beyond adorable!!! I hope i can learn how to cook sometime & then put it to use! Valentines day is going to be spent browsing deals a nebraska furniture mart. Adam works monday so we'll celebrate tomorrow. We just found out our offer was accepted on the house of our dreams! So now we are anxious to fill it! I will have a big kitchen to cook in... maybe the apron has some built-in inspiration for me from you! Cuz we all know you can cook.

  9. you are too dang cute....and sweet! what a great surprise and gift!

    (I promise this is not to bring about a pity-party) PROMISE!

    BUT...As a single gal...V-day is NOT my kinda avoid it...cuz it makes you feel like a loser....just being honest! my parents showed up at work with a dozen roses and a beautiful pearl bracelet with a charm that says "I AM LOVED" (gotta love Helzbergs!)

    And Monday...I'm working but my last clients are a family of a girl I grew up with...she is married with 3 we are gonna do all the haircuts...then we're headed to McD's for a valentine dinner...cute, right? :)

    And "tradition" for V-day...since God's not brought me a Valentine...YET...

    I light a ton of candles...put on some great worship music...grab my Bible and my scrapbooking stuff...and every year...I've made a V-day card for my future husband...just saving them all up for the day we finally get to celebrate together!'s kinda my Jesus and me time...and I love our lil tradition...I end the night by writing a card to Jesus...because after valentine can ever satisfy the way He does!

    So...there ya have it...that's how my day will be celebrated! :)

    it might sound corny to some...but ya did ask! :)

  10. day on Valentines day...6:30AM parents will be showing up with valentine cards,boxes,cookies,cakes and of course there kids..LOL. The Valentines Day Party begins after nap and honestly after that I will be to tired to even thank about going anywhere after that CRAZY day. Plus Danny will be working. Chloe and I will have a special dinner however, of mac&cheese oh... and we can't forget the hotdogs, with some nice cold cool-aid to wash it down. After our delicious dinner we will follow up with a bath with red water and bubbles. I think I will enjoy that bath even with a two year old playing with her tub toys. Hope you have a great valentines day.

  11. Holly-
    such a sweet and cute idea. I love your blog and your family. Little Jett is so cute!!! I need to come love on him and see you guys soon(with my tiger fan) lol

    I am blessed and get to spend tomorrow(sunday, which is also our 11 mon anniversary) with Bryan, my valentine!!! I am unsure of what we are doing( its a surprise!!) and I get to see him on monday too...I'm a very lucky girl!!!! I am overfilled with Joy with him in my life...ok, sorry so mushy!!!

    love you girl!!!

  12. How cute! We are planning on waking up in the morning and having heart pancakes and giving the girls their valentines day gifts. Then taking the girls to preschool. I am helping with Mia's class' valentines day party. Then after school Mia has dance class. Hope you all have a great Valentines day as well!

  13. No plans will enjoy the kids and spend time alone in prayer. I miss you, was in LA all last week.

  14. I love the apron!! If I win it, it will be going to my mom for Valentine's Day since she does all the cooking :)
    For Valentine's Day I will be working at my sorority's kissing both. All the boys get to come get a kiss on the cheek by me or my Zeta sisters for 1$ and all the proceeds go to breast cancer research! Then I will be studying the rest of the day! WHOO!!!