Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Taste Test

Oh me, oh my, what a BEEEEEAUUUUUUUTIFUL day it was here today!  The sun cheerfully came out to play & brought along with it a little "taste test" of the fresh new season that is just right around the corner!  As that big ball of heat beamed down its Vitamin D packed rays, it left our skin feeling tingly & warm, & left our thoughts swooning over things like long walks, sidewalk chalk, swing sets, water hoses, picnics in the park, open sunroofs, grilling burgers on the back deck, & Sonic cherry limeades!

It was the most gorgeous day, & the little Jett man & I had to get out & bask in the toasty 70 degree temperatures that it boasted! We took a long walk around our neighborhood & waved to neighbors who had the same idea in mind as us!  I smiled as Jett giggled at the dogs that would bark at us while we strolled by, & chuckled as he would see children playing & inch himself up to the very front of his stroller, so eager to say hello!  I am so proud of the little social bug that he is {he gets that from his DaddyBoy}!  Once Jared got home, we met him at the door & decided to get out there again & squeeze every bit of sunshine out of the day!  This time we loaded Jett up in his new wagon! The neighborhood bursted with shrieks & squeals of children playing, basketballs, baseballs, & footballs bounced & flew through the air, neighbors stopped to chit chat, the delicious smoke smell from a fired up grill filled the evening air, & before we knew it the sun was quickly fading away.  What an absolutely gorgeous, perfect day.  I am already finding I have a little skip in my step, I'm feeling more alive, & I am more than ready for that sunshine to come back to stay!

This little "taste test" of a day sure was yummy & it did precisely what a good taste test should do--it left us craving more!

Oh Spring, do come quickly!


  1. LOL! I just noticed that we used the same BEEEAAAUUUTIFUL day language in our posts! Great minds think alike! :) I hope Jett starts to feel's another nice day today, maybe the fresh air will help him feel better faster!!

  2. It's amazing how much better a little sunshine will make you feel so much better, isn't it? I can't wait for Spring!