Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend In Review

Greetings from the land of croup cough, snot noses, relentless fussing, sleepless nights, & the overpowering scent of Vick's Vapo Rub.  Dreamy, huh?  If I haven't painted the picture clear enough, I'll just let you know that it has been one doozy of a weekend.  I am convinced that there is nothing worse than listening & watching your child suffer right before your very eyes, & not having the power to relieve that suffering.  Every time a coughing fit rears its ugly head, I find myself wanting to just cry right along with my little guy.  But instead, I fill my boots as "Momma", &  I spend hours upon hours rocking, snuggling, kissing, reading books, singing songs, & doing everything that I possibly can to bring just a little comfort to my sick baby.  I don't know how long this croup junk is gonna last, but I think it goes without saying that we will all be glad when we're out of this land & onto healthier, happier, new land.

One of the good things about being cooped up within the four walls of this house all weekend was that I had a chance to stare into the faces of all the things that need to be cleaned, organized, painted, & repaired during my upcoming spring cleaning fest this year.  I take my spring cleaning quite seriously around here, complete with a detailed list of each & every room in our home & what needs to take place in that room to get it up & running in perfect shape once again!  The garage & yard are also included in this list, but Jared takes care of those areas.  So this weekend I got a little jump start on the process & made my list! It's 3 pages long {I clearly have my work cut out for me} & is hanging on my info board in my kitchen so that I will have to look at it every single day until everything is all checked off!  Even though I haven't completed a single task on that list just YET, I already feel rejuvenated just having it all typed out & hanging there!  It's a move in the right direction!  I can just envision it now-- a perfectly tidy house, no clutter closets, bright white baseboards, sparkly clear windows, every thing in its place, trash bags of stuff being hauled off to Goodwill-- yah, I'm a bit of a psycho when it comes to cleaning.  I'm working on that.

We did manage to get outside today for some fresh air.  While we were out strolling the neighborhood, we ran into Jett's buddy, Henry who lives across the street. Jett & Henry enjoyed a little wagon ride around the drive way together & got a kick out of giving each other "high fives" {well, the parents got a kick out of it anyways}!  We laugh that in just a matter of time, these two will be running the neighborhood!

Welp, that's our weekend in review.  It wasn't a complete loss, & we still managed to have a little fun in between wiping noses, buying every kind of "vapor" product on the market, & taking care of a crabby, cranky baby.

And now I'm off to hit the hay early to try & catch up on some of the sleep I've lost over the past few days.  I've got to get refreshed if I'm gonna conquer that Spring Cleaning list!

Goodnight friends!

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