Wednesday, March 23, 2011

40 Days Challenge Check In

My lists are shrinking!  I'm goin' crazy with that orange hi-liter, crossing things off left & right!  It's such a great feeling!

I've even got Jared on the bandwagon with me!  He actually threw a bunch of holey underwear out without me having to coax him into it!  This is progress, people!  The man holds on to everything.  I'm the one who throws things out & he's the packrat. If I haven't used it/worn it in a year--goodbye!  If he hasn't used it/worn it in FIVE years--he holds onto it "just incase". And it never fails, once I have proudly thrown a great big bag of junk out, he noses around in it & pulls a thing or two out & exclaims, "You're getting rid of this?!"  He will guilt me into keeping whatever piece of junk I thought it was in the first place, just so the next time Spring Cleaning comes around, I can throw it out again.  And mind you, this is MY stuff.  I don't throw his stuff out without his permission.  This year I wised up--black trash bags that he can't see through.  Oh, & a rule that he is not allowed to snoop through them.  We'll see how long it lasts before he comes bursting through the door with some spatula or duffle bag trying to convince me that we need  to keep it,  "just incase"!

**Jared, when you read this, I'm just giving you a hard time.  Even though we both know it's true ;)  Love you!**

It's been quite a cleaning/organizing frenzy around here.  My closet is perfectly neat & tidy {Jett is now enjoying using it as a little playroom}! The master bedroom is clean & organized--every drawer has been emptied & gone through, all furniture has been moved away from the walls & cleaned behind {yikes...that was a nasty job}, the windows are sparkling, & everything has been rid of dust bunnies!

I'm a girl on a mission!  Let the cleaning continue!


  1. Had to laugh at this one...the "packrat" husband part that digs through the junk...hahaha! That is my husband for sure. : )

    You're moving right along on your list. However, I'm moving rather slowly. I did spend my Saturday in my laundry room, cleaning top to bottom. Cleaned the windows, wiped down the cabinet doors and cleaned out/organized ALL the drawers. Still need to clean the baseboards and touch-up paint, but I must say, it is looking much, much better. Ended up throwing away two black trash bags of STUFF!

    Hope to get back to my list tomorrow! Take care Holly!

  2. I love hearing how your progress is going, Abby! Doesn't it feel awesome to get things spic & span?! I see that you use the black trash bags too, hee hee! Those husbands of ours ;) What would we do without our packrats? lol. Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing! =)

  3. This was so funny Holly! I can just hear Jared saying that with a big smile on his face! Ha! Great organization girl! Love it!

  4. This sounds exactly like us! But now Emma is a packrat too, and she keeps everything! And she always seems to find things in the trash, and then gets mad at me for throwing them away. Don is such a packrat and also keep holey underwear! What is up with guys and holey underwear???